What you need to know about the premiere date for Yellowjackets season 2

What you need to know about the premiere date for Yellowjackets season 2 ...

Season 2 of Showtime will be released, and it's easy to be enthused about it. This was one of the best shows in the last 12 months!

Sadly, we are still facing the grave reality that we will be waiting for a long time to see whats next. We were left to speculate about both that and how amazing things would become.

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If you look down below, you can see five different things that you should consider, both in terms of when the show will begin, and some of what to anticipate.

The filming has yet to begin This is the biggest obstacle to a premiere, but fortunately, it will be happening in August! This means, more than likely, well get at least a few interesting teases here and there.

Season 2 of Showtime was expected to premiere this year. This point should be noted that this was originally made several months ago, so it may not be applicable to everything that is currently going on.

Winter will be a key element of the narrative We already saw what happened with Jackie in the snow, and dealing with the cold will prove to be a challenge for all of the characters in the previous story.

Prepare to meet Adult Lottie! This is likely to be the first major casting news for the following season, as the characters' presence was teased during the season 1 finale.

This year, we are most likely to get more premiere-date information. Even if it isn't a specific date, we've had a hard time believing that Showtime would let the rest of 2022 slide without putting a bit of information out there.

Please share any or all of your thoughts and hopes below! Make sure to revisit for more information. (Photo: Showtime.)