What you need to know about the premiere date for Succession season 4

What you need to know about the premiere date for Succession season 4 ...

Even with us being so far removed from the season 3 finale, the road to aSuccessionseason 4 premiere is a long one. Were lucky to at least know that there is a lot of good stuff coming over the next few months, whether it be casting info or story speculation.

What is the most essential thing to know right now? Lets just say there are a few things that are relevant both to the premiere date and the production, and we'll discuss a lot of that later.

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Production is officially underway. Filming was originally scheduled for the end of June, and we tend to anticipate it to continue throughout the year, possibly even into early 2023.

The Roy family's largest activity in New York City is being done a lot of the time. This part of the story isnt that surprising, considering that the majority of the action in the Roy family's hometown. Yet, during the season, the program does tend to take place in other parts of the world, and wed anticipate something similar here.

What this means is that we might see it at some point before June we tend to think more in the spring.

Later in the year, we may get a more specific reveal. At the very least, we think HBO will provide people with a more exact timeframe, even if they wont give us a precise date.

It isn't being billed as the final season, at least for the time being. Based on some observations we've seen from Brian Cox and others over the years, we tend to think there will be at least one more eventually, and it will be up to Jesse Armstrong to make the final decision.

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