Season 7 of Grantchester episode 5 spoilers: The last before the PBS finale

Season 7 of Grantchester episode 5 spoilers: The last before the PBS finale ...

There is absolutely a lot of cool stuff to prepare for Grantchester Season 7 episode 5 on PBS next week!

First and foremost, we should begin by highlighting where this story fits in the larger picture of the season: It is the last one leading into the big finale; there will be only two more episodes in the future! We know there is a good possibility for a season 8 on the way. But we must be patient in terms of that.

For the time being, let's focus on the immediate future and share the whole episode 5 summary with a few more details on what's coming next:

Will and Geordie are investigating a murder and missing persons case at a senior home. Could some of the victims be the perpetrators of the crime?

This is a mystery that will tug Geordie and Will in knots. The residents of the senior home are most likely to be close-knit, as they have known each other for a specific period of time, and may be somewhat averse to outsiders' opinions. Wearealways down for a great whodunnit, but we certainly hope this one evolves in unexpected directions.

That remains to be seen when the episode 7 finale will be extended directly! For the time being, we can just say that there will be some major surprises at the end of the season that will forever change the lives of our central characters. While the basic format of Grantchester may not change, we do believe the producers want to ensure that there are constantly new variables at the core of the story. They dont just want to deliver the same product a million times over.