House of the Dragon: What Makes it Different From Game of Thrones

House of the Dragon: What Makes it Different From Game of Thrones ...

When it comes to House of the Dragon, there is so much to be worried about, and there will be references to Game of Thrones. It's obvious! This is a show that was created many years before the original, and a lot of familiar locations will still be at the core of the story.

Don't expect this prequel to be a carbon copy of everything you saw in the original fantasy epic; there are so many more things to be added to the table.

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Here is what cast member Emma DArcy (who plays lead character Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen) had to say about this particular topic in a new interview with Empire Magazine:

House Of The Dragon is a different animal I think wed be really naive if we tried to emulate Game Of Thrones I think the thing thats distinct, and something I love about this season, is that it's really rooted in the home. It's domestic, psychological, interpersonal, and familial.

Is there a way to make a relationship-based program in the Game of Throneswork? Yes, and the series may be better off for it! One of the things that the franchise needs to do is concentrate more now on a small handful of people, rather than going all over the place to touch on a number of different people in the span of a single hour.