Season 3 episode 10 of The Orville (finale) trailer: The secret of life

Season 3 episode 10 of The Orville (finale) trailer: The secret of life ...

The epicNew Horizonsfinale, or the third episode of The Orville Season 3, is coming up on Thursday. Is this the series finale? We certainly hope not, but we must take a moment to think about everything.

The final episode of Future Perfect feels quite final, based on the trailer below. Hulu might have envisioned it so that it feels like a potential series-ender, but they dont have much control over it. There's also a message within the video: The key to living is enjoying the passage of time. Simple, yet profound.

What Hulu isn't mentioning in this preview is anything that took place during episode 9, whether it be the death of Charlie or the moclans, who formed an alliance that resulted in the Union and Kaylon joining forces. That could be an intentional way for Hulu to mislead us about what will happen next; or, this could be more of a character-based conclusion than some elaborate action sequence.

Wed love nothing more than to get a season 4 renewal here.New Horizons has proved to be exceptional television, and it has been one of the best seasons of anything we have seen so far this year. We know that Emmys do not often award science fiction in major categories, but this is totally worthy of some nominations.

The Orville: New Horizons' epic journey concludes this Thursday with the season finale on Hulu! See you there! #TheOrville #TheOrvilleNewHorizons

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