Season 7 of Riverdale spoilers: Is Archie back in high school?

Season 7 of Riverdale spoilers: Is Archie back in high school? ...

There are a slew of answers left to be asked about what the future holds in the final season of Riverdale.

After all, how can wenotwonder that based on what happened at the end of season 6? Archie Andrews found himself transported back in time after the comet was stopped, and now, he's a teenage version of himself! As a matter of fact, all of the characters are! This will be a fantastic opportunity to tell a different story that's in some ways, similar to the original Archie Comics.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, showrunner in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, had the following to say about why this twist was included in the final batch of episodes:

It came from a couple of places. At various points in [season 6,] we had talked about what the future would be like, and various people had been very fond of when the kids were in high school? We were kind of like, okay, maybe we should go back and put everybody back in high school again? So, we were in a rut.

So how do you deal with the time issue? By using time to play around with time! This was a great opportunity to really showcase something different, and also to give the actors some new material that serves as a sort of reset. Here's what Aguirre-Sacasa had to say about it in the aforementioned article:

Season 7 felt like it was going to be a lesser version of the high school years. But when we thought about nostalgia and coming off the big supernatural, mythic, Stephen King-like season, we knew we needed to make this season special. For example, Cole [Sprouse] was so happy when he forgot to wear the beanie again but he said to me, "Ill wear that crown until I die."

The only request we have in the final season is that you continue to work to ensure that the story that you have learned over the previous few years is accurate; you cannot ignore or avoid any of these moments.

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