Season 4 Episode 7 of Westworld: The Last Before the Finale

Season 4 Episode 7 of Westworld: The Last Before the Finale ...

The fourth episode of HBO's Westworld season will be released next week, and this is a really important hour for the program. It's also the penultimate episode of the season, though we're optimistic that there'll be at least one more season at this point.

If there's one way that we candescribe what's going to happen next based on the promo, it's simple: Judgment Day. This is a chance to put an end to Hales world or at the very least enhance things from where they've been. Yet, the promotion underscores the possibility that the Parasites may evolve further or that there is a better future to be found.

There is also the question surrounding Christina. Even though Evan Rachel Wood has been a big part of this story, the writers havent given us all of the hours. It's been here and there, but it's been there. So there's at least that. With her ability to change the narrative, she might be able to turn everyone against Hale in one fell out.

Let's just say it bluntly here: There's way too much story right now to be linked up in just two episodes. Unless we'll get someStranger Thingsstyle movies to close things out here, we'll need more time.