Caleb's many faces in Westworld season 4 episode 6

Caleb's many faces in Westworld season 4 episode 6 ...

Over the course of tonights new episode, Westworldseason 4 episode 6 demonstrated one thing above all else: It still has no problem getting weird. As a matter of fact, it embraces it.

Hale has done everything she can to exercise her metaphorical powers and the power that she has over all of her creation. Yet, here Parasites are like the Hosts we saw in the early seasons of the show; eventually, everything falls apart. Again, Caleb was one of the catalysts for it this time, as he managed to show, yet again, there was still some humanity left within Hale. Even if she knows it, she is still striving to hold onto hope as long as she can.

Hale is confronted with a tense relationship with C, the adult Frankie, who is now at her disposal, and there are pieces that remain to be unraveled in regards to Christina. For the first time in a while, it appears that there is a possibility to gain control over Hale and her empire.

We cant help but be a little spooked by the lack of Evan Rachel Wood at Fidelity, but we do get to be quite content with what we got. We dont think it is a big spoiler to say that Aaron Paul is amazing, but he proved it through so many iterations of himself tonight.

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