Stranger Things Season 5: Will the super-long episodes continue?

Stranger Things Season 5: Will the super-long episodes continue? ...

We should be concerned if one of season 4's most significant trends will remain. We are talking here about the episodes that are literally hundreds of years old, like the season 4 finale in many big budget films!

From one perspective, it may seem ridiculous that Netflix is letting this show run so smoothly; a lot of people would balk at sitting down and watching an episode more than two hours later. A lot of them dont have this sort of insane viewer loyalty.Stranger Thingsis not a ordinary show. Weve seen time and time again how committed this audience is, and how they are willing to stick around long after a long hiatus.

Expect long episodes to be the norm in the final season of the Duffer Brothers, as we are not ensuring another one that exceeds 120 minutes, but we do not believe the Duffer Brothers will be held to a single hour or given any notes from Netflix.

The streaming service loves to produce information that is dependent on the number of minutes watched among its users. This helpsStranger Thingstopotentially establish new records and go atop the charts, even if it isn't the most lucrative. The longer episodes are heard to last for at least 90 minutes as the material is there.