Episode 9 of Animal Kingdom: Did Pope confess?

Episode 9 of Animal Kingdom: Did Pope confess? ...

We had to be fully prepared for the prospect of Pope confessing as we prepared for TNT'sAnimal Kingdom Season 6 episode 9. We were also aware that the family might only do so much in order to assist him.

The thing J, Deran, and Craig all forget about sometimes is that Pope Francis has a different moral compass; he was a tool for Smurfs' wickedness, and has spent a great deal of his life searching for some measure of peace and atonement. It's not always easy for him to find it.

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After learning that Detective Thompson was out to make Amy's life a walking nightmare, Popedidopt to confess to her murder. She also invoked faith, something we all know to be very important to him. It was this combination of factors that sparked his desire for redemption or at least his desire to ensure that no one else would suffer any further agony.

There are of course a few more things to be concerned about now that we have clarified all of this. Take, for example, whether or not this confession will stick. You can easily argue that Shawn Hatosys character was both under arrest and did not have proper representation there. His family is smart, and they may even try to help him. This might be difficult for him, especially when he often refuses to help himself.

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