Shiganshina from Attack on Titan is recreated in Unreal Engine 5 by an artist

Shiganshina from Attack on Titan is recreated in Unreal Engine 5 by an artist ...

Users have been bringing their ideas to life in Unreal Engine 5, one of the finest graphics engines available today. From Dino-Crisis or Fallout: New Vegas, to short films where the creator can express their love of genres like westerns or space operas, one user is demonstrating their affection for the Shiganshina District.

Attack on Titan was initially published as a manga in 2009, but was later transformed into the internationally popular anime in 2013 which is now in its final season. The series follows Eren Yeager, a youngster living in a walled-in town after the rest of humanity was supposedly destroyed by giant, carnivorous creatures known as titans. Over the course of the series, Eren, along with his friends and comrades in the city's military, discover more about the titans' origins and

However, none of these events can be truly fulfilled without the series' prologue arc inside the Shiganshina District, where viewers are introduced to Eren along with his best friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert. In Unreal Engine 5, YouTuber Sole Survivor decided to pay tribute to this by recreating the district on the day of this definitive moment.

The only people left in the district who were still living their lives on the fateful day the Colossal and Armored Titans struck the wall. It may be disappointing for some viewers, but given the general scale of Attack on Titan's many series set-pieces, as they usually involve the titular monsters, this absence is understandable.

The attack on Titan by Sole Survivor is another example of how individuals have been able to unleash their creativity in Epic Games' new Unreal Engine 5 version. These include new Tomb Raider and Witcher games, which are expected to use the engine's full potential. However, the number of fan projects already available online highlights how user-friendly the engine is and the opportunities it may open for some of the most creative individuals in the entertainment industry.