Six Beginner Tips For The Tactical FPS From Squad

Six Beginner Tips For The Tactical FPS From Squad ...

Although some experienced gamers may think that Maze War (1974) was the first FPS to be released, in reality, it was not until 1992 that the first true FPS was created in the shape of Wolfenstein 3D. Many FPS titles today are part of a massive competitive scene that involves players competing for prize money.

Squad, a first-person shooter that spawned from a Battlefield 2 mod, is still providing players with MilSim-style gameplay. However, Squad is significantly advanced compared to most modern FPS because it relies on unique gameplay elements that transforms into an intense tactical shooter that requires lots of practice and patience.

6 Communication Is Needed

Most players avoid communication because they think it's unnecessary in Call of Duty: Warzone. But, in Squad, communication is one of its main elements since players must be attentive to their teammates if they want to succeed in a match. For example, enemy types, vehicles, and locations may be helpful.

The finest and fastest way to communicate with the squad is through a microphone. Of course, players should limit their communications to callouts and avoid talking too much as it may distract other squad members. If a squad member is being toxic, then players should silence and report them, but that isn't as common in other FPS titles.

5 Practice At The Shooting Range

While in a public match, some players may think that the best approach to learning the gameplay mechanics is on-the-go, but in reality, players may become well-versed with Squad by practicing in the shooting range (a feature that has been long forgotten on other FPS titles). Within this area, players may test out all of the weapons, kits, and vehicles available in the game.

Players may also learn more about Deployables (Mortars, Ammo Crates, etc.) and the Logistic System, which are crucial game mechanics that can alter the tide in a match. Moreover, players may customize the keybinds to their liking, since the default one is a bit difficult to learn.

4 Don't Be Afraid To Be A Newbie

Squad isn't a typical FPS game like Battlefield or DOOM because many of its features draw inspiration from realistic combat. Therefore, newcomers to the game should not be afraid to inform their squad that they're new to the game. For the majority, the Squad Leader will direct them to do more manageable tasks or have someone coach them.

A new player should avoid picking difficult Kit Roles, such as the Raider or Marksman, because it is the easiest Kit Role to use in a match. Above all, newbies should listen to their Squad Leader before doing anything.

3 Learn To Adapt

Due to Squad's intense gameplay, players will need to adjust to new situations, from an incoming barrage of mortars to enemy vehicles. That's when players need to be prepared to change their Kit Role (if they die) if the Squad Leader demands it. However, players should always use a kit role that they're familiar with.

If a player joins a match that has already begun, they should ask the Squad Leader what roles should be filled. Most importantly, players should avoid leaving a game simply because they can't use the Kit Role they enjoy playing, which may result in a server ban (similar to other FPS games).

2 Kills Don't Win Matches

Most players overlook the objective in modern FPS games, which results in a win for the team. However, in Squad, playing the objective is the only way to win a match, since most game modes are objective-based. For example, Advance and Secure is a Capture Point-style game mode where players must attack or capture points until the other team runs out of tickets.

Defensive players don't affect the ticket count, thus going Rambo isn't an effective strategy. The only way players can reduce the ticket count of the opposing team is by capturing a point of interest, which also gives the attacking team 60 tickets.

1 No Friendly Fire

Friendly fire is always on, implying that accidentally killing a squadmate in Squad will put a player on the verge of being banned players, as well as the team losing tickets.

So, players must always be aware of where their squadmates are and ensure that they aren't in the line of fire. If a player unintentionally kills a squadmate, then the Squad Leader must investigate if it was an accident.

Squadis is now available for Microsoft Windows.