Adorable Dracthyr Emojis for Dragonflight have been released by World of Warcraft

Adorable Dracthyr Emojis for Dragonflight have been released by World of Warcraft ...

Dragonflight, World of Warcraft's latest expansion pack, is in the works. The World of Warcraft development team just shared a few funny dracthyr emotes, as well as the unfortunate-but-funny event that prompted their creation.

Dragonflight is adding a new draconic World of Warcraft race. The dracthyr are one of the new Evoker classes, a powerful wielder of dragon magic who devastates opponents and restores their allies. These new creatures are the focus of two dozen emotes players may download for use on Discord, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

These emojis have a tragic origin story. According to one of Dragonflight's features team members, the cartoon character had to be substituted for a screencap of the dilemma. The World of Warcraft development team eventually decided to share their collection with the community.

The emotes themselves are adorable and funny. A combination of static and animated emojis, the comical cartoons depict a myriad of familiar memes, from the Bugs Bunny No meme to the Laughing Lizard. The collection is a little piece of love from the dracthyr Evoker feature team, and is available for all players from the official World of Warcraft page.

Fans loved the new dracthyr emojis and immediately began downloading them for use on social media. The funny story of their creation is a good peek behind the scenes, and some people loved them. The new World of Warcraft race includes many customization options.

World of Warcraft is currently alpha testing Dragonflight. Over the next few weeks, World of Warcraft will conduct beta testing on the remaining Dragonflight zones, dungeons, and specializations. It will likely begin beta testing sometime in September or October.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC. The Dragonflight expansion will launch later this year.