The Story of Pentiment Appearances to Be Mostly About Choices and Consequences

The Story of Pentiment Appearances to Be Mostly About Choices and Consequences ...

Pentiment, an obsidian new role-playing game, was a surprise hit with many viewers at the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, as a smaller-scale game set in November 2022. This fits the story's setting, sixteenth-century Bavaria, and narrative following an artist named Andreas Maler.

Josh Sawyer, the game's creator, brought his love for history and art to the forefront, complementing it with the popular narrative and dialog options at Obsidian Entertainment.

Narrative Choice in Pentiment

Pentiment's 25-year history is crucial. It's unknown how this will play out in games with this sort of mechanic, although he's able to engage within both realms in order to complete his investigation. However, Sawyer has indicated that players can choose which subjects he studied, which will affect who he can or cannot talk to.

Sawyer has focused on the fact that the game's narrative will never reveal who the killer canonically is. Players may dislike or have opposing world views, but they may feel convicted in their actions.

Consequences in Pentiment

The narrative in the game spans 25 years, during which Andreas will investigate further crimes and actions. At first glance, this may seem to enhance the detective elements, yet Sawyer assures fans this is not the case. However, the consequences of those choices drive the narrative further.

The consequences for choosing which individual to blame for the crime, according to Sawyer, are not great in sixteenth-century Bavaria. The burden of proof is not high, and characters will remember who Andreas blatched. Future crimes that follow these decisions will develop over the years. Characters will support or oppose the decision, and their motives and relationships with the accused lead to generationally charged outcomes.

Pentiment, a new adventure game from Obsidian, is sure to be a new entry into the studio's catalog of unique, narrative-driven, and choice-heavy games. Players will weave through a rich web of mysteries and outcomes that span a generation, and fans will have to trust their instincts through letters, art, character motivations, and more to pin a culprit for murder.

Pentiment will be released on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S in November 2022.