Shanks' Role in the Final Saga, Explained in One Piece

Shanks' Role in the Final Saga, Explained in One Piece ...

Shanks is a well-known character who played a key role in Luffy's quest to become the Pirate King from the start of One Piece. However, the red-haired pirate never permitted Luffy to accompany him on a cruise to the sea.

Shanks saved Luffy's life and promised his hat to him when he became a Great Pirate one day. Since then, Luffy has only gone from strength to strength and proved himself on the high seas. Now, as the story approaches its final phase, the two are all set to face off against one another. However, what will Shanks' role be in the last arc of One Piece?

Shanks has played the role of a peacekeeper in One Piece for the majority of the time, as evidenced by his laid-back attitude. Even to the World Government, Shanks has rarely felt apprehensive. However, there have been occasions when Shanks has taken drastic action and demonstrated his real personality.

Shanks has played the role of a peacemaker so far in One Piece; however, his character is set to take a significant turn now that the story is getting to its last arc. In One Piece 1054, fans finally got to see Shanks again, and in the surrounding waters of Wano, he declared his intention to seize the One Piece.

Shanks is evidently a character with hidden motivations, although not necessarily bad. It's also evident that he was on the lookout for Roger's replacement, which might have been who he had promised him to be, and so Shanks gave him his hat. However, Shanks has decided to instead pursue Luffy in the final plot of One Piece.

Shanks would likely want to put his skill to the test for himself after he met Luffy, and he will certainly be in contention for the great treasure. However, there are quite a few things that indicate that his rivalry with Luffy will go on to be friendly.

Shanks saved Luffy after he said the same things as Roger and surprised him. On Whitebeard's ship, Shanks publicly declared that he believes Luffy is the only one capable of putting his trust in the Straw Hat Pirate. As such, Shanks might well demonstrate that he is no longer a peacekeeper, but perhaps also open the way to the One Piece after.