Everything You Need To Know About Preserves Jars In Stardew Valley

Everything You Need To Know About Preserves Jars In Stardew Valley ...

InStardew Valley, using one's crops to make artisan goods is one of the best ways to make money. Preserves Jars are available quite early on in the game, and low-level players can exploit them to their advantage.

Preserves Jars are versatile, with a wide range of different artisan goods that they may produce. They are also vital to making Fish Ponds worthwhile. Here's all Stardew Valley players should know about their methods.

Where To Get Preserves Jars In Stardew Valley

The recipe for the Preserves Jar was received at Farming Level 4, and it requires the following supplies:

  • 50 Wood
  • 40 Stone
  • 8 Coal

All of these materials are relatively easy to find, which is one reason that the Preserves Jar is an excellent tool for players looking to produce a large amount of artisan goods in a short period. Wood is also found by cutting down trees with the pickaxe; stone is also found by breaking rocks with the pickaxe.

Players will receive one Preserves Jar as a reward for completing the Quality Crops Bundle (or Rare Crops Bundle if they are remixed) in the Community Center.

In Stardew Valley, What Are Preserves Jars Used For?

Each of the following items can be placed in a Preserves Jar, each of which results in a different type of artisan product. If the player chooses the Artisan profession at Farming Level 10, the sell price of each item listed below increases by 40%.

Item Product Sell Price Processing Time
Fruit Jelly 2 x (base fruit value) + 50 2-3 in-game days
Vegetable Pickles 2 x (base fruit value) + 50 2-3 in-game days
Sturgeon Roe Caviar 500g 4 in-game days
Any Other Fish Roe Aged Roe 60 + (base fish price) 2-3 in-game days

Note that prices are calculated from the base value of the item placed in the jar; this equation does not take into account item quality. That is, a Jelly created from a gold-quality Apricot will have the same value as a Jelly created from a normal-quality Apricot.

As both can be used to make artisan goods out of fruits and vegetables, Preserves Jars are most profitable when using fruits whose base value is under 50g, and vegetables whose base value is less than 160g.

Preserves Jars are the sole method of making artisan fish rope (and hence increasing the value) in any Fish Pond setup, and are a great way to reward the player's fishing skill.