Watch Dogs 4 should return to the series' roots

Watch Dogs 4 should return to the series' roots ...

The Watch Dogs franchise has had a bit of an identity problem ever since it was first released in 2014. The first game introduced players to a world controlled by technology where every individual is held under extreme surveillance. Instead, the second title took on more frightening characters and a colorful city. The third entry took players into complete control of London's streets.

The only thing that ties the three Watch Dogs titles together is their world. Themes present in each story and the gameplay on offer are all very different, giving off the impression that Ubisoft does not know what to do with the franchise. It has also proven to be the most divisive of all.

Watch Dogs Makes You Feel Different From the Others in the Series

The first Watch Dogs title should have served as the foundation, but instead Ubisoft chose to reinvent the series with each entry, losing a large part of what attracted people in the first place. Players wanted to control a vigilante and explore open-world danger while following a compelling narrative.

Watch Dogs introduced players to a new reality in which Aiden Pearce would do anything in his power to slay his vengeance. What ensues is a high-stakes thriller in which players unravel a huge conspiracy, after which the city of Chicago will undoubtedly never be the same again.

Returning to the First Watch Dogs' Model

When Ubisoft decided to allow players to control virtually everyone in Watch Dogs: Legion, the franchise became a whole new level. There was no main character to be connected with, because every single NPC that players would encounter could be the main character. It also pushed the franchise further away from the original game.

Watch Dogs 2 removed the darker tale from the original and replaced it with a more lighthearted story with more sympathetic characters. Something was lost in translation. It was not a fun or funny story, but rather a tragic tale about a broken man who just wanted to make things right in his own way.

If a fourth Watch Dogs is made, Ubisoft should consider returning to the initial design. The game should not only focus on a single protagonist, but it should also follow another tragic tale that discusses the dangers of technology. This would allow Ubisoft to give the series an identity that it deserves.