5 Beginner Tips For Bright Memory: Infinite

5 Beginner Tips For Bright Memory: Infinite ...

Bright Memory: Infinite is likely to be one of those games that will be overlooked by many players. It's a great game, with a lot of different gameplay methods. Players can still find a lot of good things in Bright Memory: Infinite. Because of that, first-person shooters are becoming more popular.

Bright Memory: Infinite has a punch, from its extremely fluid gameplay to its stunning graphics, but it's still quite challenging, particularly if players opt for more difficult challenges. And with the over-the-top boss battles and set pieces, players may feel overwhelmed. However, if they jump into the world with these recommendations, defeating the demons and other enemies will be easier.

5 Always Be Moving

Bright Memory: Infinite does a fantastic job of focusing on movement and how it relates to gameplay. Standing still will allow enemies to hit players more and do more damage. By combining the quick movement and the very fluid combat, players can defeat the waves of enemies with little or no effort.

Bright Memory: Infinite bosses can be quite tough, and getting hit will hinder players' attempts at defeating them. However, if players play on a harder difficulty, all this is dialed up by 11, and players will need to be more aggressive to get through each stage.

4 Relics

Relics allow players to upgrade their exo-suit, the Light Sword, and their weapon abilities, while making them more dangerous. They can be discovered either collecting enough resources that ancient enemies drop, or finding these small green stones that are scattered throughout the world.

Bright Memory: Infinite has a very basic HUD, yet it still gives players enough incentive to upgrade whenever they have the resources. Therefore, players should be upgrading as often as possible.

3 Looting

Bright Memory: Infinite is a first-person shooter that has a lot of components that make it a little deeper than most. This comes in the form of looting, where players can raid all of the enemies on a stage before spending a few minutes collecting loot. This emphasis on exploration resulted in fantastic environments.

When it comes to looting, Bright Memory: Infinite leans into that aspect. Although it isn't as thorough as Tomb Raider, it still manages to keep players engaged. Since they're all using guns, all with two firing modes, stocking up on ammunition will help out more than players would expect.

2 Use Variety

Everything they have at their disposal, from the Light Sword to the weapons they acquire, will help players in the end. Although the combat may seem repetitive, and players are rightly calling for more, what Bright Memory: Infinite has now will help players as well. Because every enemy type behaves differently, some have shields, others will avoid players' attacks.

The game does require players to utilize everything they have on their hands, but this helps them become more fluid with both combat and movement. For example, range attacks from the light sword or attacks from the exo-suit's left arm make everything possible, making everything a lot more enjoyable.

1 The Light Sword

Bright Memory: Inifinite takes a lot from other games and makes them more visible to its viewers. One of the reasons why Devil May Cry games are so successful is because of how fluid the combat is, and Bright Memory: Infinite payes tribute to that in its own game. The sword is a great addition to any game because it is versatile and can be used in combos.

First, players can combine attacks with the exo-suit's left arm, which allows them to draw enemies in toward them and hack and slash them. Second, players may use the sword to deflect enemy strikes, provided they are close enough to defeat another opponent. Lastly, players may use the Light Sword to deflect enemy strikes regularly.

Bright Memory: Infinite is now available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.