Every 4-Star Character, Ranked for Genshin Impact

Every 4-Star Character, Ranked for Genshin Impact ...

So you haven't received 5-star characters yet? Not to worry, Genshin Impact doesn't exactly pressure players to have the best damage or the finest team compositions around. Because surprise, 4-star characters are actually viable in-game regardless of the content level.

Although they may not be as flashy as 5-star characters, players at least don't lose a significant part of their salary attempting to buy them. Of course, not all of them are excellent in terms of math and efficiency. And, if you want to include one of these in your party, here's how they stack up.

Updated July 30, 2022 by Sid Natividad: Genshin Impact isn't often spoiled by developers. However, any 4-star character in the game is bound to make some unforgettable waves. They fill a critical gap as they are usually not more powerful than 5-star characters, but they're still interesting as older ones.

Players can anticipate a number of new 4-star characters in Genshin Impact in the near future. As it is, the two new additions since the list was created have shaken up the rankings.

25 Amber

  • Low attack
  • Makes up for it with pyro abilities
  • Good for lighting up torches

Amber has been rated as the worst character when it comes to damage. However, she does have her uses, such as lighting up braziers from afar if players are too lazy to get close.

24 Lisa

  • Slow electro application
  • Abilities and talents reduce enemy defenses
  • Has niche usage in a Eula team, but not much outside that

Lisa is fantastic for climbing, and for those who desire a witch-like character (even though she's a librarian). However, her attacks are either too slow or too weak.

She can't do electro damage, which is one of the game's weakest components. Her abilities don't mesh very well with her playstyle, since they require her to be in the thick of things.

23 Xinyan

  • Semi-reliable shielder
  • C4 variant works well in a Eula team
  • Not reliable as a pyro DPS

Despite being the only pyro claymore user outside of Diluc, Xinyan remains as unpopular as ever. It's most likely because of her unsurpassed abilities.

Her Elemental Burst is a split of physical and pyro damage, and she needs to have a high defense. It's difficult to build her one way without distracting from the other aspects.

22 Thoma

  • Good for pyro resonance
  • Has a shield

Thoma fills in a bit of a niche role because, despite being a pyro character, he isn't as popular as mainstays like Bennett. His goal is to increase shields and also ensure that other characters get plenty of energy.

Despite his abilities, there are still better options if players want what Thoma can offer. It's also possible that his weapons are mismatched with his abilities, as many expect polearm-wielders to at least be sub-DPS or at least have decent damage outputs.

21 Kaeya

  • Excellent melee cryo application
  • Makes water traversal easy
  • Works well in a Diluc, Hu Tao, or Klee team
  • Can be a DPS carry

Kaeya, as the primary DPS, is said to be effective, but he is nonetheless overshadowed by even 4-star DPS-based characters. At best, Kaeya acts as the perfect support for a Diluc melt composition. Others simply enjoy higher cryo status at longer time intervals.

20 Kuki

  • Has decent healing abilities
  • Scales with HP
  • Electro element allows good energy generation

Kuki Shinobu was placed in a similar position as Thoma. When she was born, there were already dozens of other people who did what she excelled in, but they were not all the same.

Kuki may be a viable candidate for those who want a healer and someone who can complete electro resonance at the same time. Besides, her style is enigmatic and mysterious, which is quite different from a lot of other characters.

19 Chongyun

  • Excellent cryo application and infusion
  • Elemental Burst is difficult to aim
  • Works well as a cryo support for pyro DPS mains

Chongyun is one of the best 4-star DPS players in the game, due to his Elemental Skill. Though damaging, his Elemental Burst is too tiny and can miss a lot. Players include him in the party as support for Melt or Frozen compositions because his Elemental Skill is outstanding.

18 Barbara

  • Both abilities heal
  • Decent hydro application
  • Can function as a janky DPS, thanks to vaporize reactions

Barbara is the only healer players who can get the job if they don't have any 5-star characters. She heals consistently, but she does it slower than Qiqi or Jean.

Barbara has no other purpose than to be a healer; her attacks are too weak and she's too slow on the hydro application to deal with Frozen status frequently. Still, any port in a storm is fine if free-to-play players need some healing.

17 Razor

  • High physical damage
  • Fast attacks, not much CRIT Rate needed
  • Claymore user, great for general combat
  • Lowered Stamina cost is underrated

No Xiao? No problem. Razor performs a similar role, except with physical damage and with a greater concern for personal safety.

He's one of the few "selfish" DPS characters in the game, but he's worth the price of ascension and leveling. Just slap a 4-piece Gladiator's Finale set on him and let him rip.

16 Noelle

  • Fills in many roles
  • Has a strong shield
  • Can heal while attacking
  • C6 variant can benefit greatly from poor DEF artifact rolls
  • Claymore user, making her great for general combat

Noelle is capable of being a tank, a healer, and a DPS for a bit of everything. If given the proper defense-centric artifacts at constellation six, she can become one heck of a beast.

15 Ningguang

  • High geo damage
  • Decent defenses with the Jade Screen
  • Generates shield particles fast
  • Marks resources on the map

Zhongli, Albedo, and Ningguang (heck, even Noelle) are on a roll now that they have received the most recent geo damage boosts. She has just become a preferred DPS in the endgame META as a Gatling gun and can create shields to boot.

14 Rosaria

  • Gives out tons of CRIT Rate
  • Good cryo application
  • Can also work as a DPS

Rosaria is a viable candidate because to her persistent off-field Elemental Burst, which continuously causes cryo damage. As such, Rosaria is a good sub-DPS.

If players desire, they may make her a full-fledged DPS. All they need is a reverse-melt setup. She's a polearm user too, meaning her DPS is capable but not as powerful as a claymore user for dealing with shields.

13 Beidou

  • High damage ceilings
  • Needs lots of patience to time her counterattack
  • C6 variant can match C0 Eula for DPS
  • Requires lots of field time to function as a sub-DPS or DPS

Beidou is an underrated fan favorite because she can perform both as a tank and as a DPS, making her a versatile main character. The only issue is that she's slow on the damage and relies on opponents attacking her before she can truly live up to her potential as a good DPS.

12 Fischl

  • Excellent electro application and support
  • Long cooldowns
  • C6 variants can become an amazing physical DPS
  • Bow user; ranged attacks are always better

Fischl is another amazing DPS in constellation six. At that point in her development, her physical attack output is so great, she literally becomes a machine gun. Of course, she does well as electro support at lower constellations.

11 Yanfei

  • Strong charge attacks
  • Pyro element makes her viable as a DPS carry
  • Requires hydro or cryo support to function as a fully-fledged DPS

Yanfei is Klee's closest 4-star alternative right now, although she doesn't have much support characters. Like always, Yanfei can shine if players provide her with adequate support characters like Xingqiu or Kaeya.

Yanfei's charged attacks are enough to make her viable in Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss and other late-game content. Granted, most pyro characters (with the exception of Amber and Xinyan) will excel if given a proper reaction setup.

10 Sayu

  • Anemo healer
  • Great for fast traversals & exploration
  • Anemo element gives her access to elemental resistance shred

Sayu is an incredible all-around support character that not only provides healing, but also a significant damage buff for teams that rely on elemental damage or elemental reactions. She has an anemo element, which allows her to fully utilize Viridescent Venerer. Moreover, she has a hold variation for her skill that allows her to roll fast over long distances.

9 Gorou

  • Great for geo resonance
  • Provides plenty of defensive buffs for teammates
  • Great for ensuring that other characters don't get interrupted
  • Also great for DEF-scaling characters

Gorou is a solid defensive player who doesn't have Zhongli, and who value his ability more than anything, he's a great teammate for C6 Noelle, Arataki Itto, or Albedo.

8 Yun Jin

  • Good for Geo resonance
  • Has a shield
  • Provides stacking attack speed buffs

Yun Jin's role is more vital than ever with the influx of relatively new 5-star players who rely on their usual attacks to deal damage. Coupled with her geo resonance access, she is easily a must-have for teams that are fond of regular or even charged attacks.

7 Kujou Sara

  • Provides lots of energy particles due to electro element
  • Can buff teammates like Bennett
  • Deals good off-field damage

Kujou Sara is also a little bit of everything in the support and sub-DPS departments. Because of her inherent ability, she can provide energy for the team. But where she excels at is giving buffs to teammates.

6 Heizou

  • Anemo character
  • Good substitute for Sucrose
  • Versatile roles

Heizou is currently one of the most popular and successful 4-star characters in Genshin Impact to be released because he's both an anemo user and an all-around character. Also, he has access to Viridescent Venerer shred, giving him excellent support abilities.

In addition to that, Heizou is capable of dealing with decent damage and can use elemental mastery well in a team. The possibilities are endless with a jack-of-all-trades player.