Valheim Multiplayer: 8 Beginner Tips

Valheim Multiplayer: 8 Beginner Tips ...

Valheim is a game that is constantly improving with new biomes, systems, and fixing old issues. And because of that, players come back to it every time to check out what's new. Additionally, there are always new players coming in, just starting it for the first time.

But Valheim's multiplayer experience can be a bit depressing for newcomers, especially as a lot is naturally learned over the course of ten to twenty hours. Having this knowledge early on would have made the initial first couple of hours much more enjoyable. Here are a few of the best beginner advice for getting players started in Valheim in the best possible manner.

8 Learn The Intricacies Of Combat

Valheim's combat system is much deeper than it initially appears. Players typically simply swing, block, and jump to avoid hitting in combat. Those who have developed their parrying, dodge rolls, backstabs, and stagger attack techniques are also watching and scoffing.

The best advice for newcomers is to learn the basics of combat techniques, such as:

  • Parry Timing: Press block the instant before an attack makes contact to parry. Players will get a unique visual effect and sound when a perfect parry is done.
  • Dodge Rolling is useful when the player doesn't have a shield or if the enemy hits hard enough to go through their shield. It has I-Frames while the player character is rolling on the ground, but as soon as their role is "finished," they can be hit again.
  • Backstabs include any attack against an unaware enemy, not necessarily from the back. Backstab damage is individual to each weapon, and each one should say what its multiplier is.
  • Stagger Attacks are used right after an enemy has been parried and is staggering backward. Each enemy's stagger animation is different, but usually pretty obvious to players' eyes. Stagger Attacks deal double damage.

7 Get A Bow At Some Point

Build a bow as soon as possible. A lot of players like to "gimmick" themselves into utilizing a particular weapon type, such as axes, spears, or even fists, while neglecting bows. While this may be possible, it makes the game much more difficult overall and likely less enjoyable.

Without a basic bow (or one of the other bows), players will have a lot of trouble hunting and will be unable to have a safe ranged assault option against dangerous enemies like Deathsquitos at sea. Serpents are rarely close enough to get a hit on when they aren't mid-chomp.

6 Rested & Comfort Level Mechanics Are Essential

The Rested Bonus is given to players who are sitting near a fire, dry, and are usually within a shelter for the entire duration, making combat, exploration, and even scavenging much easier. Players should keep an eye on the amount of time their Rested Bonus has left.

A player may wish to add to their base an area or room that's dedicated to improving the "Comfort" of the room. This can be accomplished by constructing specific items such as rugs, thrones, and even a hot tub. ThisComfort Level determines how long the Rested Bonus lasts overall, therefore it's extremely important.

5 Keep A Workbench & Campfire Supplies Handy

Another seemingly minor point that will prove to be a great help to new Valheim players is always bringing a Workbench and some extra wood/stone with them when they go adventuring. On long adventures, players will likely need to heal, refresh their Rested Bonus using a Campfire, and even construct temporary shelters in the distance if they get scared by Odin.

Before entering the dark and dangerous dungeons, players should set up a campfire and perhaps some basic walls around the entrance to any Dungeon.

4 Marking The Map Is A Huge Time-Saver

Players will need to master how to map in Valheim. It's a fairly standard map, with only the areas the player has actively explored being shown, while the rest is covered in a sort of "fog-of-war." However, many novice players overlook or neglect the wealth of ease-of-use features this map has.

  • There are a number of different "stamps" that players can put on their map. Players can use thee to denote different things they've found. They can even label each stamp as well.
  • Hovering the mouse over different parts of the map will show that area's "biome" in the top right such, as a Meadow or a Black Forest.
  • Left-clicking on a Stamp will "X" it out. This is very handy for players in multiplayer to show what Dungeons they've already cleared.
  • The Cartography Table allows each player's map to be updated with what other players have marked. Make sure to interact with it right after returning from each adventure.

Three Never Give Up Berries, Thistle, Or Mushrooms

Valheim is a survival game, which means players will be cutting down trees, building their own homes, and collecting way too much random stuff to store in a slew of boxes that aren't organized in their "storage room." The collecting part, in particular, is particularly important. Everything in Valheim has a purpose or purpose, from random flowers to mob drops.

Three items in particular, which are extremely early, are worth acquiring a surplus of: Berries (Raspberries, Blueberries, and Cloudberries), Thistle (found in Black Forests), and Mushrooms. All three ingredients are part of a wide variety of end-game food and mead dishes, so players should always keep a couple of items in their inventory when out gathering.

2 The Difficulty Scaling Is Rough

New players are rudely introduced to the extreme difficulty curve from Biome to Biome within the first ten to twenty hours of playing Valheim. The Greydwarfs in the Meadows are nothing in comparison to the Trolls and Skeletons in the Black Forest. While the Wolves in the mountains are basically one to two-shot murderers (sometimes even sky assassins).

Beginners should avoid going too far outside of their current biome before acquiring the highest tier of gear (armor and weapons) their Workbench/Forge currently allows. As players gain access to higher-tier weapons and armor relative to the biome, they'll also gain access to higher-tier weapons and armor.

1 Learn How Meals Work

Valheim does not provide a way for players to permanently increase their HP or stamina (and it does not have a creative mode) rather, players must eat and drink responsibly to bolster their HP and stamina to absurd levels. Without the proper HP or stamina-buffing items, players will die in a single hit or so to most enemies.

Keeping a close eye on which food/drink increases which Stat by the most will help keep the player alive.