The Borderlands Franchise will never be able to forget about delicate Jack

The Borderlands Franchise will never be able to forget about delicate Jack ...

Borderlands 2 was an excellent game, although its most flaky aspect was its narrative. Pandora's world may have been interesting, but Commandant Steele was a faded hero with little impact on the characters and narrative. Handsome Jack is a huge reason why it was successful.

Handsome Jack became famous for a variety of reasons. While he was funny, he was also brutal and terrifying when he wanted to be. His purposes were understandable, even if his methods of achieving them were flawed. Most importantly, the character played a vital role in most of the Borderlands games.

Jacks' Importance On Borderlands Means He Will Never Be Forgotten

Handsome Jack has had a major impact on the player and the Borderlands universe as a whole, in each of his physical appearances. With Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack killed Bloodwing and Roland, two beloved figures from the first game. Due to initiatives like Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, fans will never be able to forget what Handsome Jack accomplished.

The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands both showed Handsome Jack's dark side, revealing him as a decent man with a big ego, and the character being betrayed by Lilith and Moxxi, a move that ultimately drove him insane and sent him down his path of violence. The digital version of the villain begging Rhys to let him live is heartbreaking.

Borderlands 3 elevated the emotion to a new level, bringing back Timothy, a character that serves as a perfect reminder that Handsome Jack's legacy will always be felt. Along with that, players will always be returning to and praising the game where Handsome Jack made his debut. Every villain Gearbox introduces will be compared to him.

More Can Still Be Done With Handsome Jack

With each Borderlands title that Gearbox releases, many gamers feel Handsome Jack to be one of the greatest gaming villains. This is particularly useful as it allows the company to continue revealing aspects of his past through audio logs, as opposed to Borderlands 3.

Gearbox tries to reintroduce Jack's personality by suggesting that he sometimes forgets his cybernetic eye in Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, opening a fresh window for a Jack comeback. For many, Handsome Jack is Borderlands at its finest, meaning that Gearbox and the fans will always have Handsome Jack on their minds.