After a dismal finish to the LFL playoffs, three-peat champions Karmine Corp slipped out of EU Masters contention

After a dismal finish to the LFL playoffs, three-peat champions Karmine Corp slipped out of EU Maste ...

The defending European Masters champions will not even compete in this summers tournament after dominating the LFL for the previous three seasons.

Karmine Corp will not compete in the 2022 Summer Playoffs due to a 3-1 series loss to GameWard. This is the most disheartening conclusion to a season for the organization, especially after their relentless devastation last year.

The team has won three European Masters titles in a row since their LFL debut, but will now watch the tournament from the sidelines to close out the year.

The back-to-back champion @KarmineCorp are eliminated from Summer Amazon #EUMasters contention after their defeat against @GameWardTeam.

KC finished in the top three in the LFL since 2021, with impressive records to support their claims to be Europes tier two team. Several former members have gone up to the LEC, including team BDS jungler Cinkrof and marksman xMatty, as well as G2 Esports rising star support, Targamas.

This year, the group decided to form a team containing some well-known veterans in order to continue their journey toward greatness.

Many assumed that the Blue Wall would continue its legacy of terror over not only the LFL, but the European Masters circuit as well.

After a dismal performance this summer, KC finally realized its fear and won the 2022 Spring EU Masters.

We just couldn't get to the end of the season.So lets just say, these guys are amazing. @CabochardLoL @113bumm @Saken_lol @Hanteralol @Skim_KC @SKIDIDIPOPOFF GGWP @GameWardTeam

Karmine Corp had some of the lowest Baron and dragon control rates weve ever seen from them since their league debut, according to Oracles Elixir.

Saken, a Karmine Corps midfielder who has had an expiring contract this year, is a good sign that the team will stick with a large portion of their core roster for next year. However, this recent failure may be an incentive to make some adjustments so that the team may climb to the top of the mountain in 2023.