Izanagi: who is their name and what is their burden? Destiny 2 Legends

Izanagi: who is their name and what is their burden? Destiny 2 Legends ...

Izanagi's Burden is a Sniper Rifle from Destiny 2, which was initially acquired by completion of the Mysterious Box Exotic quests from Ada-1. However, it is now available from the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower. Destiny has a rich and compelling history.

Izanagi's Burden in Destiny 2

Before we can establish who Izanagi was, we must first understand who was behind the Black Armory, the sniper rifle's manufacturer. These were the Norse Rasmussen Clan, the French House of Myrin, and the Japanese Satou Tribe.

Each clan owned a forge throughout the solar system that was responsible for the production of weapons intended to protect humanity from the Darkness. The Satou Tribe ran the Izanami Forge on Nessus, the Rasmussen Clan ran the Bolundr Forge in the European Dead Zone, and House Meyrin ran the Gofannon Forge also on Nessus, and all three clans contributed to the Bergusia Forge in the European Dead Zone.

The founders of the Black Armory fell as a result of the Darkness and their ruin, much like everything else during the collapse. Adelaide's daughter was injured during this and had her consciousness transferred to an exo body, forming Ada-1. Ada-1 later served as a mobile forge, but her abilities drew the attention of criminals and warlords. One by one, Ada-1 became a fortress.

Izanagi is a creator deity in Japanese Mythology. Together with his sister-wife Izanami, he created the Japanese archipelago and served as the progenitor of many deities. Following the tragic death of Izanami during the birth of the fire god Kagutsuchi, Izanagi traveled to the underworld to try and rescue Izanami. However, there was no chance to save Izanami.

Izanami pursued and cursed him, vowing to kill 1000 people each day. In response, Izanagi promised to create 1005 people each day. Thus, Izanagi's Burden was born.