In the Sea of Thieves, the easiest approach to sink your own vessel is to use it

In the Sea of Thieves, the easiest approach to sink your own vessel is to use it ...

Many times, you may be attempting to sink other ships in the Sea of Thieves, but sometimes, you may want to sink your own ship. Whether you are stuck on rocks, overrun by enemies, or want to go back to an outpost, you may consider sinking your own ship. The quickest way to do this is to vote to scuttle the ship.

How to Vote to Scuttle the Ship in the Sea of Thieves

You and your crew must go to the Options Menu (Select on Xbox, Esc on PC) and select Yes. Then, scroll down to the bottom option that says Scuttle Ship and select Yes. The scuttle vote works the same way as putting someone in the brig.

If you choose to scuttle the ship, it will sink along with any items or treasure that you have left on it. You will lose all of your items on the ship if you choose to destroy it, so make sure you don't leave anything valuable on it.

A mermaid will be nearby in the water to take you to a nearby island or outpost before you departing. Scuttling your ship can help you escape danger or avoid enemies who will not leave you alone.

In the Sea of Thieves, there are other methods to sink your own ship.

If your crew does not agree to sink the ship, you may take matters into your own hands. The process may be a bit challenging, and you may wind up in the brig if your crew does not like you sinking the ship. If you do not have to be near land or another ship to use a cannon to damage your own ship, you may try to flood the ship by bucketing water into the ship.