How to Get the Connoisseur Achievement in Love, Money, and Rock n Roll

How to Get the Connoisseur Achievement in Love, Money, and Rock n Roll ...

Love, Money, and Rock 'n' Roll is a multi-player story game that is rich in mystery, romance, and self-reflection. Players take Nikolai on a multi-layered and confusing journey that will uncover the truth about his parents' sudden passing, as well as the corruption surrounding the corporation they used to work for. You also earn points for completing certain tasks as you play.

How to Acquire the Status of Connoisseur in Love, Money, and Rock' n' Roll

The Connoisseur award is given to players who complete their wallpaper gallery with every Background and CG. Each page contains ten pages of background and eleven pages of CGs, each with its own story that depicts different times of day as shown in the game.

You must first see the scenes in the story to unlock them. This involves playing through the entire game and navigating different options. It may take several attempts to complete this task.

By right-clicking your mouse on your unlocked wallpapers, you may see moving fans, floating dust, or flickering lights. Some wallpapers also have options on the right side of the screen to reveal background people or change the characters' emotions.

Love, Money, and Rock'n'Roll's beautifully drawn artwork is worth remembering and admiring, which is why it's so wonderful that you may keep them in your collection as you play. If you collect all of them, you will become a true connoisseur of the game!

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