In Hard West 2, Bravado works

In Hard West 2, Bravado works ...

Bravado is a term used in the game to describe someone's swagger or boldness. It is often used to describe how daring someone is. In Hard West 2, your entire posse fits that description as they navigate the wild west with great energy, destroying anyone who stands in their way. Here's how it works.

How Bravado works

Bravado is a game mechanic that allows you to acquire killstreaks and keep your action points going throughout your turn. Each character in your posse has three action points that they can spend to move, attack, or duck.

If you obtain a Bravado, you'll get your action points back, so you can continue on with your turn. Only the character that got the Bravado receives action points. Keep that in mind when approaching your turn.

To get a Bravado, you simply need to have a member of your posse kill an enemy on the battlefield. This does not need to be done with a single shot. If you are able to attack twice with your action points and get the kill, you will get the Bravado and refill your action points.