What are poker cards and how do I get them in Hard West 2?

What are poker cards and how do I get them in Hard West 2? ...

Hard West 2 is heavily centered on the notion of gambling. After all, when things go wrong for your posse aboard the Ghost Train, it is because of one of the characters gambling the groups' souls away. Poker Cards would only make sense for them to make a comeback across different sections of the map.

What are Poker Cards and how to use them

Poker Cards are brought up early in the game during the cutscene where the group loses its souls. Shortly after awakening, you take control of Gin as you look for your missing companions on the map. These can be found at various locations but are most often found at important points on the map.

Poker Cards are items that you may equip on your opponents. A character may have up to five cards equipped on them at a time to complete their hand. Each card carries a different stat increase, for example, the Queen of Clubs increases the speed of the character it is equipped on by four points.

Once you have found a Poker Card, you may equip it to one of your posse members by selecting the card symbol in the upper right corner of the screen or pressing the K key. From there, drag the card you want to equip up to the character's hand.