Magnum PI Season 5: Why NBC Will Keep Your Promotion Going

Magnum PI Season 5: Why NBC Will Keep Your Promotion Going ...

We understand that when it comes to NBC'sMagnum PIseason 5, we are still in the early stages. There is no way to avoid that! Production is not even underway as yet, and the biggest thing weve heard about the writing room is that some scripts are already being written.

We 100% agree that promotion will not come to an end when it comes to the new network home of the series. What are the reasons for this?

First and foremost, consider the game's skin at this point. NBC and its parent company spent a lot of time and money on this program, and it does not appear that anyone plans to give upMagnum PIanytime anytime soon as a result. This will greatly boost the network's midseason lineup and streaming output, as well, as well as some other shows.

NBC might considerMagnum PI as an entry point into a new genre: the lighthearted procedural, although The Blacklist does have its comedic moments, we wouldnt include it in this category either. They might also want to promote this in the hopes of retaining this audience.

Also, we want to remind you that NBC does still have the banner below on Twitter they haven't changed it in the weeks since Magnum PIwas saved.

This all demonstrates to me that throughout the fall, they'll continue to do little things to keep you psyched about Magnum PI, even if there is a fear that new episodes will not be released for a while. Think in terms of filming news or casting announcements!

If you want to see what happens around premiere time, here's a lot to be excited about. Right now, it's fair to say they're doing a lot with a little.

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