Harley Quinn is not being canceled by HBO Max, Our Flag Means Death (yet)

Harley Quinn is not being canceled by HBO Max, Our Flag Means Death (yet) ...

Today was the day that many of us expected to experience the HBO Max apocalypse, especially for many exclusive programs: Hacks, Doom Patrol, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, Harley Quinn, and many more.

Why the rumors? HBO Max conducted a press conference today and there was a lot of worry that they would announce the liquidation of their streaming services scripted division this does not include HBO scripted entities likeWestworldorEuphoria, but rather HBO Max originals that do not air on the linear network. We already know that the streaming service has axedBatwoman, and things aren't looking great for some of their other films scheduled to arrive on the streaming service.

However, some of the above shows appear to be going to live to another day, at least for the time being. We do not want to sit here and say that they will not be canceled tomorrow or next week, but nothing was said about them being shut down as of now. Instead, the earnings call discussed the possibility of combining HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single service by the summer of next year.

We felt that someHBO Max shows should be safe. However, we do think that they will scale back eventually and prioritize only the most profitable shows. We believe that DC might eventually follow Marvel and develop a singular canon for all of their characters, which is ironically two of the best.

We should also note that yesterday, James Gunn stated thatPeacemaker is safe for the time being, therefore we don't expect any change to a new HBO Max to take place immediately.

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