Sarah Snook teases Shiv and Tom in Succession season 4 spoilers

Sarah Snook teases Shiv and Tom in Succession season 4 spoilers ...

We know that Season 4 of Succession is currently in production and while there is no premiere date yet, there are reasons to be ecstatic. What can happen after season 3's conclusion?

Sarah Snooks' character of Shiv Roy is definitely on the rise in this film, and for good reason. She has been double-crossed by her own husband Tom, and she has now left Waystar Royco on her own; perhaps she will work with Logan and Kendall, but nothing is exactly confirmed there at this point.

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Snook, a newly-minted Emmy nominee in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, did her best to set the stage for what is to come, although in a rather obscure manner:

There will be some interesting spots. Shiv and Tom met up in season 4 for the first time in a lifetime. It's [an] amazing moment.

The first part of that shouldnt come as a surprise. Succession is really a show about opulence. Of course, the cast and crew will travel! Season 3 traveled to Italy, which was particularly impressive considering the numerous difficulties that come with shooting during the global health crisis.

Season 3 would be ideal if Shiv makes significant decisions both personally and professionally, but we really wish she would develop. It'd be nice to see her and her siblings fully develop their own thing, rather than just hoping for the best with their father.