The Stargirl season 3 poster carries a straightforward message

The Stargirl season 3 poster carries a straightforward message ...

Why not unveil a new poster before the premiere of Stargirlseason 3 on TheCW at the end of the month?

If you look below, you can see the whole length version of the new network key art, one that includes the title character, also known as Courtney, alongside a rather simple message: Keep your pals and enemies close.

This line is meant to be a fairly clear reference to none other than Cindy, Courtney's former adversary-turned-villain who might end up being a member of the Justice Society of America this season. We know that Stargirl is changing, but how can it not when you remember that? Joel McHale will be a series regular on the program for at least this coming season, and this will allow him to tutor Courtney and prepare her to be a better hero than ever before.

The majority of the questions we do have aboutStargirlright right now are very much related to its villains, as weve got concerns aplenty about who some of those people will be in the future. Mister Bones was very well teased at the end of season 2, but so far the network has been a bit tacky about what they decide to give away there. We appreciate the element of surprise in some cases, but it would be nice to see a few details as well.

Stargirl should be the same fun and adventurous show as it was previously, as long as it doesn't carry the torch more than once! Now that we know that The Flash is coming to an end with Season 9, this show andSuperman & Lois will be the only superhero shows left on The CW.