Persona 6: The Fool Arcana Will Likely Be As Important As Ever

Persona 6: The Fool Arcana Will Likely Be As Important As Ever ...

Persona 6, the next main series title in the Persona series of role-playing games, is still unknown, nor are fans sure when it will be released or what sort of stories or characters it might feature. However, fans of the series are optimistic that announcements regarding Persona 6 will be made during the series' 25th anniversary in 2022.

The Persona series began as a spinoff of the larger Shin Megami Tensei franchise, but has since gained popularity on its own, especially in the West. Persona 5, the most recent main series title, sold and was reviewed well, eventually receiving numerous spinoff titles, an enhanced version of Persona 5 Royal, and an appearance for the lead character Joker in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Persona 6 is unlikely to abandon the Tarot Card Motif.

Since the very first game, Revelations: Persona, which was released in 1996 for the original PlayStation console, the tarot deck has been linked to each playable character, such as a powerful female character wielding an Empress Persona or a lawful person devoted to the law with a Persona of the Justice Arcana.

The non-playable side characters who the player can bond with, called "Social Links" or "Confidants," have also been linked to the Major Arcana in Persona 6. These non-playable side characters enable the player to acquire stronger Personas and abilities related to the Arcana in question, like the Hanged Man, while a Hermit Social Link is usually concerned about isolation.

The Fool has represented past protagonists.

The Fool, also known as the "Wild Card," has given the protagonists the ability to access and wield many Personas rather than limiting them to one person as part of the playable cast in Persona 5, the latest game in the series.

The Fool Arcana has given the protagonists of Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 access to a strange location called the Velvet Room, where they may combine Personas and gain additional abilities in battle. Igor is an odd figure who sometimes provides clues regarding their adventure.

The Fool Represents Infinite Possibility

The Fool has been portrayed in various card games as both the lowest and the highest-ranked Major Arcana card at the end of the game.

The Fool is also a playable character in a video game. Upright, the Fool can come to symbolize abandonment and isolation - things that are arguably the opposite of the protagonist in a Persona game, who is surrounded by their supportive pals and Party members throughout the game.

Is It Possible That the Persona 6 Protagonist Has a Different Arcana?

The Fool is the most likely Major Arcana to represent Persona 6, although it is possible that Atlus will break the tradition and choose a different Major Arcana instead. The main characters of the first three Persona games were based on the Emperor Arcana, while Tatsuya Suou was associated with the Moon in the Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment duology.

Fans might want to see a Major Arcana that hasn't yet been represented by a playable character, like Persona 4 Golden's Antelope or Visconti-Sforza tarot decks, since Persona 5 Royal used both Councillor and Faith. Regardless, the Fool Arcana may still play a significant role in Persona 6 due to its meaning and historical significance throughout the series.

Persona 6 is in the works.