The Epic Games Store is the Best PC Platform for Free Video Games

The Epic Games Store is the Best PC Platform for Free Video Games ...

The Epic Games Store has established itself as a respected gaming platform since it was launched in 2018. It's possible to imagine that competing with Valve's Steam platform as a daunting task, but the Epic Games Store has achieved significant achievement in unexpected ways.

Epic Games' battle royale Fortnite was a great success, and it opened the company's entrance to the distribution industry. Since then, it has managed to publish a large number of titles, although Epic Games has been criticized in the past for things like its exclusivity agreements. Nonetheless, another major reason the company is still a contender for a dominant gaming storefront is the fact that the Epic Games Store is the best source for free video games.

Epic Games' Strategies for Success

Many agree that the Epic Games Store is lacking in some basic functionality, and it is typically not preferred when looking for reviews or a community to connect with. However, Epic Games has three essential strategies that keep it downloaded and relevant for most PC users.

The first is Epic Games' acquisition of popular games, such as Rocket League in 2019 and Fall Guys in 2021. Both cross-platform games were previously available on Steam, but they now are available for anyone, and both are free-to-play.

Fall Guys was successful in getting 20 million players in the first 48 hours of its release as a free-to-play game. Epic Games has adopted its second major strategy here to maintain interest, which is an abundance of crossover events. Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations with other franchises, and other titles under the company's umbrella have begun following suit.

Naruto has also had free-to-play Fortnite alliances with Marvel and DC universes, all of which were well-known. Such crossovers usually involve purchasable loot, skins, and cosmetics that fans are willing to pay for. Even more recently, Fall Guys had a limited-time collaboration with Pusheen that included adorable skins.

Epic Games has surprised many with what it has been willing to give away, from smaller indie titles to massive AAA titles. The long list includes titles like Overcooked 2, Hitman, the Arkham trilogy, and Subnautica.

Epic Games has previously announced Lawn Mowing Simulator and Unrailed for the month of August 2022. Steam is also known to offer free games on a regular basis, and GOG conducts giveaways and sales often. However, Epic is the most reliable for giving away free games as soon as a player accumulates a large library. This means PC users will likely have many more free indie and AAA titles to enjoy in the future.