The Best Crops To Make Money in Stardew Valley

The Best Crops To Make Money in Stardew Valley ...

The player's choices in each season are varied, but Fall is the most profitable season, followed by Summer and Spring. While the 1.5 update is out, not much has changed in terms of income, as most of the most profitable crops Stardew Valley has to offer aren't necessarily limited to the endgame of Ginger Island.

Erik Petrovich's article is published on August 4, 2022. Most profitable crops in Stardew Valley keep delivering produce without needing to be replanted - the cost savings on seeds compared to crops that only yield one harvest are substantial. However, some of the best single-yield crops can only grow once, such as the Sweet Gem Berry, which will only bloom if planted later than the fourth of the season.

12 Before Buying Seeds In Bulk...

When it comes to Stardew Valley's finest crops, there are a few things to keep an eye on. It's not enough to have enough money to purchase the seeds veteran players know to prepare ahead of time with useful structures, efficient plots of land, and the appropriate tools and food for long days of farming.

  • Day of the Month: The value of some crops comes from getting multiple harvests in a season. Plant seeds that continually produce crops early in a season to maximize profits.
  • Sprinklers: These are crafted with Farming skill or earned for certain quests, and they water crops automatically every day in the nearest 4, 8, or 24 tiles, depending on tier.
  • Buildings: Build a Shed at an easily accessible location for farm supplies, storage, artisan goods, furnaces, etc.
  • Farm Layout: Plan plots with Fences to mark corners, and mark Sprinkler locations too. Count each unused square to be in the plot this the max number of seeds for this plot.
  • Cost Calculation: For each planned plot, multiply the number of tilled squares by the cost of each seed , this is how the player will have to invest in each plot.

Add or remove squares in each plot to increase the value of your investment. As long as you keep your crops tidy every day, your Gold total will double in size over the next season.

11 Strawberries

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
100g Egg Festival 120g - 240g Spring 8 days Every 4 days after initial harvest

Strawberries are by far the most profitable spring crop, but with a caveat: the player can't buy Strawberry seeds until Spring 13 at the Egg Festival. Purchase a few dozen of these 100g-a-piece seeds in Year 1, and sell them the night before the festival.

Strawberry seeds will yield two yields if planted on the day of the egg festival. If a player maintains his Strawberry seeds till Year 2, they will yield five yields, making for one of the finest crops in Stardew Valley.

10 Rhubarb

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
100g 150g Oasis Traveling Cart 220g - 440g Spring 13 days N/A

Rhubarb is only available via the Desert Bus, which is unlocked when players complete the Vault bundle in the Community Center. In the southwest section of the desert, players will find a shop that sells a variety of specialty goods and seeds.

Rhubarb sells for 220g, more than twice its price at 100g. It takes 13 days to mature, though, so make sure to get on the Desert Bus on Spring 1 and plant these crops as soon as the next day to get the most out of the harvest.

9 Coffee

Bean Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
100g -2500g Drops from Dust Sprites Traveling Cart 150g (Artisan Good) Spring AND Summer 10 days Every 4 days after initial harvest

Coffee might not seem like a profitable crop at first glance. Dust Sprites in the Mines can be found for anywhere from 100g to 2500g in the Travelling Cart, and once harvested every two days, they can drop multiple coffee beans.

A stack of five can be transformed into coffee in a keg, which can then be transformed into Triple Shot Espresso for a tidy 450g boost. Plus, it can be harvested through Spring and Summer, which saves energy from constantly replanting plants.

8 Starfruit

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
400g 600g Oasis Traveling Cart 750g - 1500g Summer 13 days N/A

Starfruit is in many ways the most famous and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a whopping 750g, twice the price of buying it from the Oasis Shop, which must be completed by finishing the Vault Community Center package.

Starfruit is a lucrative crop on its own, with incredible rewards for a high-quality harvest, but it truly becomes insanely profitable when transformed into Artisan products. For example, Starfruit Jelly sells for 1550g, while Starfruit Wine can sell anywhere from 2250g to 6300g.

7 Blueberries

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
80g Pierre's 50g - 100g Summer 13 days Every 4 days after initial harvest

Blueberries are a low-cost vegetable that grows only in the summer and will only produce three bags of 80g every four days once it matures. This makes them a viable option for gamers who want to expand their game.

Because of the extra harvesting time, the profit rate rises on the first day of the season. These are some of the most profitable vegetables Stardew Valley has for artisan items or on their own because they don't have to be replanted, and they're a must-have for Summer farmers looking for quick income.

6 Red Cabbage

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
150g (Year 1) 100g (Year 2) Traveling Cart Pierre's 260g - 520g Summer 9 days N/A

The Player cannot find them anywhere in Year 1 except for the Travelling Cart) that sells for far more than the purchase price. These are sold at Pierre's General Store for 100g a pop, but they sell for 260g at harvest, making them one of the best crops in the Stardew Valley.

If planted early in the Summer, the player may get three harvests from one field dedicated to Red Cabbage. It does not re-grow automatically, though, so be sure to prepare ahead of time with backup seeds.

5 Cranberries

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
240g Pierre's 75g - 150g Fall 7 days Every 5 days after initial harvest

These are an excellent crop to keep in storage throughout the long winter. Keep the star-quality crops in a chest for a reliable Winter income source through Wine and Jelly.

4 Pumpkin

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
100g Pierre's 320g - 640g Fall 13 days N/A

Pumpkins are a crop that, like Red Cabbage, sells for a lot more than its original price. While seeds are 100g each, a pumpkin sells for 320g, giving them the chance to become a major crop.

If a player has a 9x9 field, pumpkins will have nine chances to become gigantic in each 3x3 square. This possibility grows even greater as the field size grows.

3 Sweet Gem Berry

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
600g - 1000g Traveling Cart 3000g - 6000g Fall 24 Days N/A

Sweet Gem Berries are not a typical, pop-round-to-Pierre's type of crop. Grown from Rare Seeds, which are only available through the Travelling Cart or a Seed Maker, the crop sells for a steep 3000g. The seeds cost anywhere from 600g to 1000g each, and the Travelling Cart only sells them up to five at a time, depending on the day.

2 Ancient Fruit

Seed Price Seed Vendor Base Crop Value Season Grow Time Additional Harvests
100g - 1000g Traveling Cart 550g - 1100g All 28 days Every 7 days after initial harvest

Ancient Fruit, cultivated from Ancient Seeds, is one of the most profitable crops Stardew Valley players can cultivate. It can only be obtained as a rare drop from enemies, a rare drop from digging, and with the Seed Maker. The Ancient Fruit outperforms the Sweet Gem Berry as the most valuable crop in Stardew Valley because it doesn't need to be replanted throughout the season, even Winter if planted in a Greenhouse.

If a player plants an Ancient Seed on the 1st of Spring, the remainder of the year will yield one harvest every week. When a regular quality Ancient Fruit sells for 550g, this quickly becomes a massively profitable operation that generates a lot of money every week - just remember to water it!

In Stardew Valley, there are 1 other money-making techniques.

If farming doesn't sound like a good passion for you, there are plenty of other ways to make money in Stardew Valley. Although none of these methods are more lucrative than harvesting crops regularly, these methods can add some variety to the routine and may be beneficial during certain seasons. In the winter, these money-making strategies can help keep a farm alive until the cropless season.

  • Mining: Ores, materials, and treasures can be sold for very decent prices, especially as one goes deeper. Killing monsters often yields lucrative rewards, too.
  • Foraging: While foraging is not the best way to make money in the game, it's enough to get a player going faster at the beginning (and survive the Winter later on).
  • Fishing: One of the most enjoyable mini-games in Stardew Valley, fish sell surprisingly well, especially as higher-level and rarer ones become the norm.
  • Completing Requests: Take requests from the notice board next to Pierre's shop to earn some money for delivering specialty goods to the town's residents.
  • Special Orders: Added with the 1.5 update, the Special Orders board is home to long-term quests that can take ages to complete but grant immense rewards.

Although farming is the main focus of Stardew Valley's gameplay, it's far from the only thing you can do. That's why the game has become so popular, after all, because it's far more than a farming and ranching simulator.

Stardew Valley is available for Android, iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X|S.