Five Things You Should Know About Co-Op in Returnal Ascension

Five Things You Should Know About Co-Op in Returnal Ascension ...

Co-op is a welcome addition to Returnal, bringing players together in the alien landscape while revealing more depth to the gameplay in ways that might be overlooked unless directly engaged with its mechanics back in March 2022.

The Chronosis portal will appear immediately at the crash site as well as other locations. It's worth noting that being able to access these modes from inside the main game is a quality of life attribute, rather than a requirement for players to exit the game in order to access them. Here are five valuable tips to know before entering another player's timeline in the order that they might present themselves:

5 Game Chat Etiquette

This is more a general guideline than a specific advice for Returnal, but it's still relevant. The first message will notify players that game voice chat is active, and depending on whether the player's controller audio is on or off will determine what the second message indicates, which is the player's microphone's state.

The PS5 controller is a great way to have a good time together via voice chat, although there are certain aspects of this feature that might be detrimental to players if not properly utilized. For example, if the player is not using a headset, the sound from the TV will also come through. This would not be beneficial as it would distract from the other player's experience and make communication difficult.

4 Tethering

Players who do not want to use the microphone during co-op may still try to communicate with other players, such as shooting in their direction to have them follow the host, under tethering. Tethering is a feature that links one player to another.

If the supporting player is too distant from the host, the game will teleport the player back to the host. Exploration is a big part of Returnal, so it can be easy for players to become distracted while playing another player's game. Tethering encourages teamwork and cooperative play so that no player in co-op will have to fight alone.

3 Non-sharable items

While some items like weapons are sharable when traversing the environment, other items like health and weapon upgrades are not, thus encourage a more sympathetic approach to co-op.

When players encounter a health item in this mode, they should choose wisely! Players will either die fighting each other for resources or fight together to overcome the difficult terrain and foes.

2 Revives

Returnal's revive feature is a breath of fresh air because there is no time limit to revive a downed teammate. This is especially useful in a game that might be compared to the "From Software" games in its difficulty. Players may take their time and wait for the next opportunity to revive a downed teammate rather than risking their lives.

In co-op, knowing the enemy and using its rules to plan ahead for how players approach revives and other related situations is a recipe for success.

1 Respawn Together

When players die in co-op mode, the supporting player will actually respawn with the host, unless either party decides they do not want to play with one another again. This feature also creates an incentive for the Playstation 5 online service to receive accolades.

The degree of civility will determine how much praise players are willing to give and receive at the end of each co-op session. Accolades are a long-term feature that players will use in multiplayer games on Playstation 5, acting as peer reviews that show up on users' profiles.

Returnal is one of Playstation 5's best and most original games, and Ascension is a great upgrade for players who want to stay connected on this adventure through Returnal's alien world. Always have a friend to guide you along the way!

Returnal is now available on Playstation 5. The game also has a free upgrade through Playstation's higher-tier service.