The New Eruption Iron Banner Mode in Destiny 2 Is Excellent For PvP Replayability

The New Eruption Iron Banner Mode in Destiny 2 Is Excellent For PvP Replayability ...

Season of the Haunted for Destiny 2 is nearing its last weeks, with Season 18 on the horizon, along with a showcase for Bungie for August 23 to discuss the Lightfall expansion for the season. There were also some gameplay-related issues that hindered the enjoyment for some players.

One of the main issues with Destiny 2's PvP is that there have been no new modes for a long time, but Bungie's latest TWAB gives us some exciting news for those who are looking forward to playing in Season 18. In fact, Bungie has announced a new Iron Banner mode called Eruption. When playing Eruption matches, Destiny 2 Guardians will get more Super energy and ability regeneration depending on their performance, making it a unique alternative to existing fan favorites like Mayhem.

Why Eruption is a Good Fit For Destiny 2

Today's TWAB covers Iron Banner's newly announced Eruption mode, which will take over Rift in Season 18. It will only be removed from Destiny 2's previous Crucible modes, therefore, it will be removed from the Iron Banner playlist. On the other hand, Eruption is a great game because it makes scoring kills and assists easier and more enjoyable.

Destiny 2 players who kill or assist someone who does will receive bonus Super, melee, grenade, and class ability regeneration, ultimately increasing depending on the players' streaks. Once players have completed a five-kill streak, they become "Primed," which means they will receive additional match points, ability energy, and class ability regeneration per kill.

When a Primed player becomes Primed, the team goes on the classic Iron Banner Hunt, and if a Primed player is killed, they give the enemy team 3 points, hence the mode's name. This allows players to choose the various subclasses and builds they want to try, while also creating a somewhat more team-oriented loop.

Bungie's direction with Eruption is quite good, with the existing Mayhem mode already popular due to its quick matches and the fun it is to spam Supers. For Destiny 2 players that aren't as proficient in PvP, they will still get boosts when allies become Primed, which makes for interesting Hunt sessions.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.