Chainsaw Man: The Top 6 Manga (That Do Not Have An Anime)

Chainsaw Man: The Top 6 Manga (That Do Not Have An Anime) ...

Fans have been chomping at the bit for any information related to the upcomingChainsaw Man anime's release date. Unfortunately, there is still nothing other than the confirmation that it will be released sometime in 2022. However, there is another, more effective, way to spend the time waiting.

There are a good amount of manga out there that have a lot of tonal or atmospheric similarities to Chainsaw Man. These stories either share some of Chainsaw Man's chaotic energy, have an equally unique character style, or even have a plot that's quite absurd.

6 Fire Punch

Fire Punch was always going to be on my list. There are a couple of reasons for this, some more obvious than others. First, it's made by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the exact same mangaka. It's claimed to be the originator of Chainsaw Man. This style of storytelling has a lot of similarities to Chainsaw Man.

Agni isn't exactly the type of protagonist Denji is, being much more of a "straight man" than a "comedic relief" (similar to the role Guts plays in Berserk), and the entire story that revolves around him is a roller coaster ride. Hopefully, Mappa will pick up Fire Punch as well.

5 Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

Jingokuraku doesn't have an anime yet, but it does have one on the way. Again, Hell's Paradise has no release date other than "sometime in 2022." It's a fantastic story about a "empty" shinobi elite named Gabimaru the Hollow who journeys to a mystical island with other death-row convicts to obtain the Shogun's Elixir of Life.

Jigokuraku excels at everything from stunning art to instinctively interesting characters and even nailing its conclusion (which isn't an easy task).

4 Jagaaaaaan

Jagaaaaaan, an action-based pseudo-horror manga, is on par with Chainsaw Man in terms of pure absurdity. However, instead of people making contracts with different "Devils," Jagaaaaaaan features "Frenzied Frogs," which infect humans and transform them into horrifying "Fractured Human" monsters based on their deepest desires or fears.

Shintarou Jagasaki is one of those infected humans, but due to his unique circumstances, he instead becomes a Fractured Human Warrior, able to maintain his sanity while also utilizing the Frenzied Tadpole's supernatural abilities to defeat all of the other creatures around him.

3 Homunculus

Homunculus is a much more introverted manga than Chainsaw Man in terms of atmosphere. But the two manga share a similar kind of energy" o them. One day, Nakoshi is approached by a stranger named Ito Manabu who offers him money and other benefits.

Nakoshi undergoes a trepanation, a tiny hole that is drilled into his skull, which isn't exactly extraordinary. It's a very real and powerful tale that truly dives deeply into the human condition. It's the perfect marriage of the "what makes a man" atmosphere and the visual horror qualities of Chainsaw Man.

2 Dandadan

Dandadan is a companion manga to Chainsaw Man in terms of pure chaotic energy. Just think about what it would be like if both the supernatural (aliens, UFOs, etc.) and the occult (curses, ghosts, ghosts, and telekinesis) existed at the same time. Dandadan is a mixture of high-level Shonen action, funny physical comedy, and so much more.

Both main characters are solikable that it's easy to get hooked on their story within a single chapter.

1 Gachiakuta

Gachiakuta is another series that hasn't been around for long, as it only began publishing in February 2022. For one, the art style of this manga is absolutely stunning, and the strong lines echo the ones of Atsushi Ookubo. This is a Dragon Quest-style narrative about a boy on a journey.

This love and care for an object can sometimes result in "Jinkis," or powerful supernatural weapons with individual abilities that "Janitors" use to fight sentient monsters made of literal garbage. Tatsuki Fujimoto did the same thing with Chainsaw Man.