The Minor Dragonflights in World of Warcraft are explained

The Minor Dragonflights in World of Warcraft are explained ...

Dragons in World of Warcraft have a long history dating back to Warcraft 2, when Alexstrasza and Deathwing first appeared. Over the following 20 years, Warcraft has refined the lore of these magnificent creatures through various games, expansions, and books. In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the next expansion pack, is returning to their previous homeland.

When it comes to dragons, most World of Warcraft players think of the five major dragonflights, and it is quite understandable. The Black, Blue, Bronze, Green, and Red dragonflights were established as Azeroth's protectors, and have been both friends and adversaries over the years. However, World of Warcraft has established several minor dragonflights over its history, some of which may play a role in the next expansion.

The Chromatic Dragonflight

The Chromatic dragonflight is the first non-major flight to appear in World of Warcraft. Deathwing and later his son Nefarian worked on twisted science experiments to recreate a dragonflight that was capable of withstanding the major flights. The project was largely unsuccessful - most of the specimens were killed alongside him during the Blackrock Spire raids.

Since the vanilla World of Warcraft, only a few Chromatic dragons have appeared. Nefarian was raised as an undead dragon by Deathwing, but was never mentioned again in the Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects novel. It's possible that Chromatus will return as a villain.

The Netherwing Dragonflight

The Netherwing dragonflight dates back to Outland. During Warcraft 2, Deathwing sequestered some Black dragon eggs on Draenor before its destruction. When the world shattered and became Outland, the eggs absorb enormous amounts of energy from the Twisting Nether, completely transforming them. These dragons were forced to fend for themselves in a hostile land.

Netherwing dragons are fully sentient, intelligent, and undead from their sire, Deathwing. Players aid Neltharaku, his leader in the Netherwing dragonflight, and befriend him enough to take them as mounts in the Burning Crusade. However, Wrathion and Sabellian are being reformed as well. In the future, the Netherwing dragonflight may return to Azeroth to seek a new home among their deposed relatives.

The Twilight Dragonflight

Sintharia, the primate consort of Deathwing and mother of Nefarian, created the Twilight dragonflight by magically imbuing the powers of Netherwing dragons into dragon eggs. Twilight dragons are dangerous, vampiric creatures that feed on magical energy. They first appeared in Wrath of the Lich King, then returned in Battle for Azeroth as servants of the Old God NZoth.

Although Twilight dragons have been almost exclusively demons, the end of Battle for Azeroth had Wrathion purify at least one Twilight dragon egg of its corruption, similar to what was done during Cataclysm. It is possible that players might join the Black dragonflight as it rebuilds itself after years of denial.

The Infinite Dragonflight

The Infinite dragonflight is made up of future members of the time-manipulating Bronze dragonflight, its leader being Nozdormu, who is the future version of the Bronze Aspect. During the Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm, Murozond was murdered.

The Infinite dragonflight was first introduced during the War Crimes novel in order to help release Garrosh Hellscream, but has since been absent. However, they are still appearing in Dragonflight. Infinite dragons meddle in quests throughout the Thaldraszus zone as well as in at least one of World of Warcraft's new dungeons, perhaps by showing the corruption of Nozdormu.

The Primalists and Elemental Dragonflights

The Primalists are a new breed of dragons that has been introduced into Dragonflight since the Titans' power, and they despise them and their followers. Powered by the Aspect-like Primal Incarnates, the Primalists are masters of the elements and idolize the proto-dragon Galakrond of World of Warcraft's devastation.

Although the Primalists and the Primal Incarnates are new to World of Warcraft, they have shown up as major antagonists and raid bosses in Dragonflight. Stone and Storm dragons are mysterious creatures discovered in Skywall and Deepholm, the elemental planes of Air and Earth, respectively, and who are said to have a common origin.

Storm Drakes

The Storm Drakes are a group of lightning-aspect dragons that live on the Broken Isles. Despite their common name, they are not the same beings: the Thorignir brood, led by Thrymjaris, has allied itself with the Titan Keeper Odyn's brood.

They may still appear in Dragonflight, especially with their connection to the major dragonflights and the Titans of World of Warcraft. The Thorignir brood might easily ally with the major dragonflights and join the hierarchy, or the Nithoggs brood could easily ally with the similarly-minded Primalists.

Although these and any minor dragonflights may be restored or introduced again in World of Warcraft's history, there are other dragons that have existed previously: zombie dragons, undead frost and ember wyrms, and nightmare-corrupted dragons. Dragonflight is the perfect opportunity to do so.

World of Warcraft is now available on PC. The Dragonflight expansion is planned to launch later this year.