A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates alternate 'Flavors' for Fidough

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates alternate 'Flavors' for Fidough ...

It's probably an understatement to say that many members of the Pokemon community are eager for the next Pokemon installments in the video game series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Fans recently received a new teaser for the Gen 9 Pokemon games that revealed a number of new features that will be released soon.

Fidough is a dog-like product that combines the appearance of a dough with that of baked bread. In addition, it is a Fairy-type Pokemon, and its breath contains yeast. Interestingly, one creative fan of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet decided to take this food-related aspect of the design of Fidough and create some different flavors for it.

Pringlesthief, a user known as Pringlesthief, posted an image they recently created depicting the newly introduced Pokemon known as Fidough. The creator had reimagined the Pokemon as various dough-based foods. Impressively, the artist managed to create seven different flavors of the pocket monster.

Pringlestheif displayed different versions of Fidough and disclosed what it would look like if it had donuts, focaccia, pizzas, croissants, and pretzels incorporated into the design. In addition, each of these unique flavors altered the Pokemon's appearance to reflect the food it was representing.

Many members of the Pokemon community have been interested in this futuristic artwork featuring Fidough following the release of this recent teaser for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In only a day, this fan art featuring alternate Fidough flavors has received several hundred upvotes, with a number of users commenting on the flavors. Some people commented that the flavors were appealing and made them want to try them.

It's likely that Fidough will be revealed next by enthusiastic fans. Along with this puppy Pokemon, the Cetitan was revealed in the most recent teaser together with the Paldean Wooper, giving fans even more Pokemon to base their fan art on.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available on Nintendo Switch on November 18th.