Leyla Cavanagh's story of a drug overdose has been published by Emmerdale

Leyla Cavanagh's story of a drug overdose has been published by Emmerdale ...

Following are spoilers for Emmerdale.

Leyla Cavanagh's drug overdose has been shown on Emmerdale.

When Callum showed up to collect the drugs she had promised him, things went from bad to worse for Leyla.

Matty had placed the drugs in Suzy's car as a way of revenge.

Leyla reclaimed the drugs from Callum, but she now felt trapped after he made it clear she'd have to continue to be his go-between since she'd taken his money.

Callum left Leyla with a pack of drugs. Later, Liam returned home to discover Leyla collapsed beside the packet.

As Leyla was rushed to the hospital, word spread about the collapse. Liam assumed it was a one-time situation for Leyla taking drugs, yet Manpreet felt otherwise.

Liam admits he had no clue Leyla was addicted to drugs, but he was still struggling after his daughter's death last year.

"You found her home, alone. That doesn't suggest someone is dipping their toes into the water," Manpreet said.

Liam yells out, insisting there is "no excuse" for Leyla's desire to continue using drugs. The doctor said he wouldn't stand by if Leyla desired to continue using.

"Life is precious. Leanna had hers taken from her, and she had no choice," Liam said. "If Leyla throws hers away because of some cheap thrill, it's up to her. She'll do it without me."

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