Station 19's producers respond to a 'racism incident' in a writing room

Station 19's producers respond to a 'racism incident' in a writing room ...

Several station 19 managers have commented on an alleged racism in the writing of an upcoming episode.

According to Deadline, a racist character slurred several times against people of Latino descent. The script for a season six episode was assigned to a white writer.

Krista Vernoff, station 19 and Grey's Anatomy showrunner, is said to have halted the virtual writing room after the outline was given and received a hostile reaction.

According to an email to employees, the executive producer promised that "current harm and systemic issues" would be addressed in a Zoom meeting. Jones, an organisational psychology consulting group specialized in inclusion in the workplace, would take the call on August 2.

"We will not be meeting creatively nor should we email as a group until then," Vernoff wrote in her letter, obtained by Deadline.

"We will not continue to operate as usual until the recent harm and systemic issues have been addressed and healing has begun."

No further information is available, but it appears that actions have been taken to deal with the situation and ensure future safeguarding.

Station 19 is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy, which is centered on a crew of firefighters in Seattle, and is produced under the Shondaland banner.

"It is in our DNA to constantly review the culture of our products and to quickly make changes if and when they are not living up to Shondaland's values," the company said in a statement.

"A recent situation in the writers' room at Station 19 provided us with opportunities to reimagine the structure of leadership in the name of creating a more respectful and inclusive workplace."

Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 will relaunch on ABC in the United States on October 6, with selected episodes also available on NOW and Disney+.