The producers of American Dad! discuss the next episode's ideas

The producers of American Dad! discuss the next episode's ideas ...

The showrunner for American Dad! has addressed how he envisions the last-ever episode of the animated series.

Matt Weitzman admitted to Digital Spy and other media during this year's San Diego Comic-Con that he has "no idea" when or how fans will be able to say goodbye to Seth MacFarlane's Roger and Stan, or the rest of the Smith gang.

"No! No, it might come to an end at any time. If they pull the plug today, I'm ready for it to end today." Weitzman said.

"I have no clue how the show will end... Unlike in The Lord of the Rings, where they know the last shot," said the showrunner.

Jordan Blum, a roundtable moderator and former American Dad! executive producer, suggested that Weitzman make no judgements about the final shot.

"It's Roger just turning off a light," he said.

The sitcom, which is now aired in the United States for the remainder of its 19th season, has already renewed for chapters 20 and 21 on TBS.

"For instance, the penultimate episode of this coming season might play the final episode of the program," Weitzman explained.

"There are a lot of episodes where it's like, 'Oh, Stan is gone,' but we do a reset at the start of each episode.

"And I think that fans have come to accept that. They're okay with whatever weird ending we've crafted." There are certain things that are canon, and there are others that are not.

Weitzman and writer and producer Nicole Shabtai both reflect on how much the characters have grown throughout the show's more than 300 episodes.

"Francine [voiced by Wendy Schaal] was just really supportive in the beginning, as a real cartoon sitcom mother, and now I think we've taken her deeper on," Shabtai said.

Weitzman agreed that the world is "deeper and darker."

"Klaus [voiced by Dee Bradley Baker] was a one-note pervert, now he is sadder and meaner, and he is looking for ways to empower himself, even in destructive ways," he said.

"He's grown into a much more fun and dynamic person."

American Dad! is available on TBS in the United States. Only subscribers in the United Kingdom may see selected episodes on BBC Three and ITV Hub.

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