Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Episode 4 Recap: Psycho Killer

Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Episode 4 Recap: Psycho Killer ...

Another mother is ruined by something she did to Angela Waters (Gabriella Pizzolo) back in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Episode 4, "The (Female Gaze." As the liars resume their normal routines without fear of expulsion, mysteries arise about their mothers' hidden secrets and the secrets of others around them.

In a scene from 1999, Angela and Marjorie (Elena Goode), Noa's mother, smoke outside. When Angela gets caught by a janitor, Marjorie gives Angela the cigarette and says she didn't do anything; this sequence sets the tone for other events that occur during the episode. Inside the gift is a teddy bear with the name "Mother of the Year" embossed on its t-shirt, along with a pill container with the

Imogen (Bailee Madison) continues to look for clues that link Angela's death to her mother's. When she sees flashes and conversation coming from the front porch, Imogen meets a couple interested in buying the house and scares them away by revealing that a murder had occurred in the house. Sydney (Sharon Leal), Tabby's mother, tells Imogen that she has to remove her things from the house immediately and reprimands her for hiding what happened

Tabby (Carson Rowland) is busy working on a project for her film class. She decides to recreate the familiar male murderer from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho by exchanging a man for a woman. She chooses Faran (Zaria Simone) and Greg (Elias Kacavas) to play the character in the boys' locker room.

Faran, the liar, begins to suspect that Kelly (Mallory Bechtel) is actually Karen. After seeing her searching for dance items in Karen's locker and hearing Henry (Ben Cook), her dance partner, say his practices with Kelly were similar to Karen's, Faran begins to seek further evidence. Later that week, she reveals her plans to Henry.

Noa (Maia Reficco) is excited about joining the track team again and taking off her ankle bracelet. Sheriff Beasley (Eric Johnson) conducts a surprise examination to see if she hasn't lost any of her medications. Yet, she becomes upset when she discovers a pill container from a patient in Marjorie's bag.

Tabby meets with Faran, Greg, and Chip after school in the boys' locker room to film the killing scene. When she is about to focus on Greg and record, Tabby notices that Greg is naked and lashes out against him for breaking her rules on boundaries on set. Tabby is triggered by this and remembers a party where everyone seemed drunk in front of a bonfire. This is a clear incident that could be the key to revealing Tabby's issues in the boys' locker room.

Noa receives a text message from "A" at the end of the episode that says: "She never learned her lesson." Not only does this make Noa more worried about her mother, but it also leads Noa to report her own mother to hospital security when "A" chases her out of the apartment building. The next day, when Imogen tells the group that she discovered her mother's diary with pages removed, Noa confirms that "A" is still alive and well. This means that there are many reasons for