The Top 10 Most Power Rangers

The Top 10 Most Power Rangers ...

Power Rangers is one of the longest-running television franchises, with 29 seasons. With that longevity, and with a new set of heroes every season following season 6, the Rangers' catalog of talents goes deep. Still, some of the franchise's greatest players come from its initial runs.

On this list, you'll see a lot of iconic "Sixth Rangers," like Tommy Oliver's (Jason David Frank) Green Ranger, and the Magna Defender (who might not technically be a Ranger, but is nonetheless aligned with them). As well, there will be plenty of Red Rangers, who appear to be often the strongest and the leader.

'Power Rangers: Time Force': Wes Collins, Time Force Red Ranger

Wes Collins (Jason Faunt) is one of the few Red Rangers who isn't the team's leader. Jen Scotts (Erin Cahill), the Pink Ranger, would deserve to be included on this list.

Wes went from being sacked to becoming a trusted member of the team throughout the series, and he was also one of the few Red Rangers to have their own battle mode, known as the Battilizer. He was equipped with a sword and wings to fly, and he fought Ransik and his army solo.

'Power Rangers: Dino Thunder': Trent Mercer, White Dino Ranger

The White Dino Ranger was a powerful entry into the long line of Sixth Rangers. Of course, he started out evil, but he was far superior to all Rangers. He had not one, but two, Zords, the Dragozord, and the Stegozord.

He also had the ability of super speed and camouflage, which was the ability of the Red and Black Ranger in this series. He could also combine both Zords to form his own Megazord while piloting it solo. The White Drago Sword is also one of the coolest weapons in Power Rangers history.

Adam Park, Mighty Morphin Black Ranger, and Zeo/Turbo Green Ranger

Adam's (Johnny Yong Bosch) tenure as a Ranger is one of the longest the series has ever experienced, covering three series and Power Ranger teams. Zack was the original Black Ranger and second in command behind Jason (before Tommy returned).

Adam has always been trusted as a teammate, and it's conceivable that in Zeo and Turbo, he is second in command to Tommy, even in front of Rocky. In Space, he takes on dozens of enemies by himself, without the use of a morpher.

Merrick Baliton, a Lunar Wolf Ranger, has been selected for 'Power Rangers: Wild Force.'

Merrick (Phillip Andrew) is another Sixth Ranger who is much stronger than the usual team (there is a trend here) but in the process it corrupted his being and he was possessed by the evil Org Zen-Aku.

Merrick's version was a formidable foe to the Wild Force Rangers. Eventually, Merrick was able to remove this flaw from the mask and become the Lunar Wolf Ranger. He assisted the other five in combat, but he was never fully integrated to be a part of the team.

Eric Myers, Quantum Ranger; 'Power Rangers: Time Force'

Eric Myers, the Sixth Ranger of the Time Force Rangers (Daniel Southworth), is by far one of the most powerful jerks in Power Rangers. He is resentful and selfish, gaining the powers of the Quantum Morpher by force to further his military career.

Eric has a cold demeanor but eventually will join the Rangers in the interest of the city.

'Power Rangers: In Space': Andros, a Red Space Ranger,

Andros (Christopher Khayman Lee) is a beast. He is the second-strongest Red Ranger in the entire franchise. This guy faced down a room full of the Rangers' greatest foes, including Astronema, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and others in the same room, and made it out alive.

After Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, was injured, Andros patrolled the galaxy for two years by himself, even killing Zordon, who was destroyed by his energy blast, making all of the Turbo Rangers' greatest enemies.

'Power Rangers: SPD': Anubis Cruger, Shadow Ranger

Anubis (John Tui) is a Sirian, and anthropomorphic doglike race with scaly skin. He is technically a Sixth Ranger, but is also the Commanding Officer of the SPD squad, and he trains them.

"Doggie," as they call him, is an incredible swordsman and has the Shadow Saber. He is not only one of the most powerful Rangers, but he is also one of the most intelligent and most experienced. Even if he comes off as stubborn at times, he always cares for his players' interests.

Magna Defender; 'Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy'

Magna Defender (Kerrigan Mahan) is the coolest Ranger of all-time because of his 3,000 years-old father and the destruction of his planet. Along with his sword, which may also be used as a blaster, he wields the Torozord, which is both extremely powerful.

Magna Defender is ruthless and will fight Rangers and civilians if it means he gets the reward he desires, even though it goes against what he stood for 3,000 years ago. He eventually sacrifices himself to free Mike and stop the near-doomsday damage he caused.

'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,' says Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger.

Jason (Austin St. John) was the first Red Ranger to possess the Tyrannosaurus Power Coin. Jason is regarded by fans to be the finest Red Ranger ever. He's the first to take responsibility and the first to jump into action when someone is in trouble.

Jason returns in Zeo to assist the Zeo Rangers and become the Gold Zeo Ranger, after Trey of Triforia temporarily granted him his powers.

Tommy Oliver, Green/White Mighty Morphin Ranger; Red Zeo/Turbo Ranger, Black Dino Ranger

Tommy Oliver, who plays the most powerful Ranger in the show, is by far the most well-known and well-known character in all of the series. He acted in 193 episodes throughout Mighty Morphin, Zeo, and Turbo, before being reintroduced as Dr. Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder.

Zordon gave the original five Mighty Morphin Rangers a handful, defeating them on his own more than once, transforming him into the White Ranger, the most powerful "Sixth Ranger" of all time. He was also a strong leader and Red Ranger for a while.