How To Stream The Outlaws: Where is It Located?

How To Stream The Outlaws: Where is It Located? ...

The Outlaws is a British comedy series from Stephen Merchant, the co-creator of The Office, that has developed into a legitimate crime thriller centered around seven interesting and unique characters. As the series progresses, we discover that this group of misfits is more nuanced than they appear to be.

The series alternates focus and gives glimpses into each of the characters' lives, families, and communities, provoking viewers to engage with each new insight. Taking on serious topics such as criminal activity, gangs, and drugs, this series can be a winner for you.

The Outlaws is a co-production between Amazon Studios and BBC One. Stephen Merchant and Elgin James co-created the film, with Merchant serving as director, writer, and executive producer under his Four Eyes Productions banner.

Stephen Merchant is an English comedian, filmmaker, writer, and actor. He's best known for his role as Ricky Gervais as the co-writer and co-director of The Office (which was later adapted into an even more successful NBC series). He's also appeared in numerous theater roles and films, including Logan, in which he played the pale-skinned mutant Caliban.

Elgin James is an American writer, producer, filmmaker, and musician. He directed the indie drama Little Birds, and served as co-writer on the documentary Lowriders. He co-created the Mayans of Anarchy spin-off series Mayans M.C.

Where Can You Watch The Outlaws?

The first six episodes of the series, which premiered on BBC One in the United Kingdom in 2021, are now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Our friend in England certainly got a jump start in this regard.

Season 2's Amazon Prime Video will be available from August 6th. The second season was previously broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom this past June.

Do You Need an Amazon Prime Video Account To Watch The Outlaws?

For US viewers, you need an Amazon Prime Video account to watch both seasons of The Outlaws. For those who are interested, a one-year subscription to Amazon is $139, and for new customers, the first 30 days of Prime is free, and after that, a monthly subscription is $14.99 a month.

What Can We Expect From The Outlaws?

The Outlaws is a funny thriller series set in Bristol, England. They follow a group of seven strangers from various backgrounds who are teamed together to serve a community payback for committing various minor crimes. Their punishment is to clean up an abandoned local community facility.

After discovering a bag of money hidden in a ceiling of a community center, a group of mismatched characters is forced to work together to determine what to do with it. The problem is that the owners of the money are members of an organized crime group that will fight to reclaim it.

The Outlaws is no exception, as each character becomes a "type," but we see glimpses of what's happening beneath their crass demeanors as the series progresses. In addition, each character often hints at their own suffering, embarrassment, and turmoil, which makes them more relatable for the viewer.

Merchant, Christopher Walken, Gamba Cole, Clare Perkins, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jessica Gunning, Nina Wadia, Charles Babalola, Tom Hanson, and Aiyana Goodfellow star in the hit series.

Here's the Official Trailer for The Outlaws

On March 2, Amazon released the official trailer for the series, which gives viewers a good idea of what they may expect from the pitch black British crime comedy.

On July 11, Amazon released the official trailer for Season 2 on its website.

What are Some Other Shows Like The Outlaws?

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Misfits is a British science fiction comedy-drama series that follows a group of young people sentenced to community service similar to The Outlaws. However, unlike The Outlaws, the group acquire supernatural abilities when a strange electrical storm strikes during their service. The show first premiered in 2009 and ran for a total of five seasons.