David Zaslav, Warner Bros. CEO, Explains Why They Killed 'Batgirl'

David Zaslav, Warner Bros. CEO, Explains Why They Killed 'Batgirl' ...

The recent shock news of Batgirl being canceled has caused a lot of confusion and worry among DC fans. In the last few days many DC fans have wondered why Warner Brothers Discovery would not release a film that was so close to completion? On Thursday, CEO David Zaslav provided further clarification on the whole situation.

The recent canned films Scoob: Holiday Haunt and Wonder Twins were among the topics discussed in the conversation about DC. Zaslav continued, We're not going to release a film until it's ready.

Zaslav is attempting to correct the mess left by WB's former CEOs during the outbreak, who perpetuated the same-day-and-date-release strategy on HBO Max. That financial mistake WB is still paying for today has resulted in Zaslav's heavy emphasis on theatrical releases. Batgirl, Scoob 2, and Wonder Twins during their conception were never intended to go to theaters, despite many speculating that Batgirl would.

During the interview, there was a lot of discussion about a ten-year plan, similar to Marvel's. They would also be attempting to correct some unanswered questions about the previous WB regime.

The recent past couple of days have seen the emotional ringer. While it makes all the sense in the world to move on from films like Batgirl, the wound is still very fresh. As fans, we just have to be patient with WB. Things like structure are definitely something that will benefit the DCEU going forward.

All we can do is rewatch the DCEU on HBO Max and prepare ourselves for some of our favorite characters to return to the big screen once more.