In the upcoming biopic, Lashana Lynch will play Rita, Bob Marley's wife

In the upcoming biopic, Lashana Lynch will play Rita, Bob Marley's wife ...

Lashana Lynch, the new star of Bob Marley's recent No Time to Die film, has been chosen by the casting committee as the ideal candidate to play Rita Marley. Lynch, who is from England, has a family that hails from Jamaica, has excelled in her chemistry readings with Kingsley Ben-Adir, who has already been chosen to play Rita Marley.

Reinaldo Marcus Green will direct the currently untitled film about legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. The film's screenplay is penned by well-known screenwriter Terence Winter, as well as Frank E. Flowers and Zach Baylin. Rita, Ziggy, and Cedella Marley will both serve as producers on the film, as well as Robert Teitel.

Lynch is currently enjoying a fair amount of success in her career as of late. She joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe before appearing in 2019's Captain Marvel as Maria Rambeau. She also appeared in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness as an alternate version of Captain Marvel.

Bob Marley is well-known for his classic songs like "Buffalo Soldier" and "I Shot The Sheriff," but Rita Marley isn't as well-known. While he sang for The Wailers, the duo formed a beautiful and fruitful connection. The film will continue to tell Bob Marley's life, but will also focus on his friendship with Rita Marley.

The untitled Bob Marley biopic is set to be released on January 12, 2024.