According to IMDb, these are the top 10 hand-drawn Disney movies

According to IMDb, these are the top 10 hand-drawn Disney movies ...

Before fans re-watch those created from 1937, it's difficult to remember what the classics were like. 2-D animation, also known as hand-drawn animation, is created by drawing each frame by hand. The Princess And The Frog, which was released in 2009, was the last hand-drawn Disney film.

Although it is quicker and more advanced, many people respect the hard-working roots in which they were created. Hand-drawn Disney films will always be remembered for their traditional creation.

Alice in Wonderland (7.4 Stars)

Alice in Wonderland, a 1951 Disney classic film starring Kathryn Beaumont, Ed Wynn, and Verna Felton, has created a wonderful world filled with color and wonder. Alice (Kathryn Beaumont) follows a white rabbit who insists he is running late, spiraling her down a hole and into the fantastical world of Wonderland, where she meets brazen characters like the Cheshire Cat (Sterling Holloway) and the Mad Hatter (Ed

In order for movement illusions to be successful, while enhancing the magical elements of Wonderland, Alice In Wonderland was designed with bolder Technicolor colors compared to previous Disney animations.

Robin Hood (7.5 Stars)

Robin Hood is a well-known Disney film, known for being the first animated film to be produced after Walt Disney's death in 1966 without his involvement (Robin Hood was released in 1973), and the first animated film to involve a cast entirely of animals, paving the way for other successful films such as Zootopia.

Robin Hood's animation received a mixed reception, despite its fully-animalistic cast. The film's setting is undoubtedly beautiful, and it blurs out others in favor of reducing distraction. However, during the production, the grand setting took longer than planned on the deadline, resulting in the filmmakers recycling a lot of the film.

Pinocchio (7.5 Stars)

Pinocchio is a well-known Disney film that was released in 1940 as a moral driven story about a young puppet who wants to become a real boy. The character's identity was transformed from a stoic puppet into a cute boy with puppet features, which was believed to humanize his character and make him more attractive.

The film is well-known for its landscapes, and at the time of its release, for hyperrealistic special effects in details such as the splashes, the magic in the Blue Fairys wand, and waves in the ocean, as well as for the popular Disney song When You Wish Upon A Star.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (7.6 Stars)

The creation of Disney's first feature animation film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 marked a significant shift in entertainment. A resentful Queen (Lucille La Verne) discovers that Snow White is the fairest maiden in the country. He sympathizes with Snow White and allows her to escape.

The film was the first animation to be created using Technicolor, a dye-transfer technology that produces color in motion pictures, and it required several life-drawing courses in order to develop more naturalistic movements in the characters.

The Little Mermaid (7.6 Stars)

The Little Mermaid, a young girl who was eager to change her life, was transformed into new depths in 1989. It required a great deal of special effects in order to recreate aspects such as bubbles in the animation. Disney began to use a mixture of digital coloring and hand-drawn sketches that were instead scanned.

The Little Mermaid has been referred to as the beginning film of the Disney Renaissance, an era in which Disney films enjoyed constant success. The Little Mermaid is well-known for its musical score, especially from films such as Under The Sea. The film has received 7.6 stars on IMDb.

The Jungle Book (7.6 Stars)

The Jungle Book, Walt Disney's final film, is a powerful musical adventure that was released in 1967. After learning that Bengal tiger Shere Khan (George Sanders) is approaching his village, Mowgli reluctantly departs. He is saved by bear Baloo (Phil Harris)'s funny manners.

The Jungle Book was created using xerographic animation, which allows for the original animation to be printed directly on the cels, effectively eliminating the need for hand-printing and dramatically reducing costs. The Jungle Book's bear necessities ranked highly on the IMDbs list, with a 7.6 rating.

Mulan (7.6 Stars)

Mulan, a 1998 musical-drama that evokes high morals, was a hit with Disney fans. During its production, animators traveled to China to immerse themselves in the facilities they would need to translate into the film. They also scoffred from the old style seen in films like The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

This consisted of simple designs, soft colors, and watercolors that would create a softness in the lighting. Like earlier Disney films, the emphasis was placed on the characters rather than the background.

Fantasia (7.7 Stars)

Fantasia is a magnificent musical performance that was created in 1940, featuring Mickey Mouse as the fundamental Disney character. Instead, Fantasia transforms an orchestra performance into an animated spectacle divided into seven segments. Each segment has a miniature narrative centred around a musical piece, enhanced by different artworks.

Fantasia wanted to highlight the value of music that was matched with exquisite art. With their psychedelic color scheme that resembles the glorious musical score, each segment's colors were specially tailored to represent the narrative and mood, embracing the music through Technicolor and brightly-colored frames.

Aladdin (8 Stars)

Aladdin, a musical-fantasy smash hit, has become well-known internationally since its release in 1992. As Princess Jasmine (Linda Larkin) grows bored with her lavish, locked-in life inside the palace where she is awaiting marriage, Aladdin (Scott Weinger) searches the land of Agrabah.

The main characters of Aladdin were drawn based on geometric lines and caricature drawings, which resembled the swooping Arabic calligraphy-style of the title font, while the city of Agrabah was painted in more neutral colors.

The Lion King (8.5 Stars)

Despite being released in 1994, The Lion King is a timeless Disney film. It was created without any existing material unlike other Disney films, while the authors intended to portray a young adult.

Despite being animals, the individualization of each character has had a significant impact on Disney's remarkable storytelling abilities, and it has remained mute against new photo-realistic techniques used to portray animals. The Lion King is a beautiful, iconic film that is one of the greatest grossing animations of all time.