Animal Kingdom Guests Are Caught On Ride During a Storm in Wild Disney World TikTok Footage

Animal Kingdom Guests Are Caught On Ride During a Storm in Wild Disney World TikTok Footage ...

When you think of going to Orlando's Walt Disney World in the middle of summer, one envisions a warm, sunny (and somewhat sticky) day. However, be warned, the Florida vacation town has been dealing with some serious thunderstorms lately, which have impacted how guests experience its attractions. Take an example of a recent viral TikTok on Animal Kingdoms Kilimanjaro Safaris outdoor adventure.

A Disney TikTok account named dvc_park_hoppers has posted a shocking video of visitors aboard Animal Kingdoms Kilimanjaro Safaris and the thunderstorm that accompanied the visit, which made the experience completely different from the norm.

The ride looks a lot more like Animal Kingdoms Kali River Rapids than Kilimanjaro Safaris, which normally allows guests to see live animals from the African savanna as if they were in the home of giraffes and other animals. The rest of Walt Disney World is likely to be somewhat less enjoyable.

The TikTok does not state when the video was shot, but it goes viral just as big thunderstorms have caused flooding all over Walt Disney World this week. These storms caused flooding all across the Florida parks, including Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, according to Disney's Inside The Magic. Multiple guests took to social media to demonstrate they were sheltering under covers or in structures due to the severity of Orlando's weather.

Parts of Walt Disney World are forced to close down because to storms and flooding, but in this case, either Kilimanjaro Safaris remained open or the storm erupted while guests were enjoying the ride. It's quite possible that the weather was less harsh when guests arrived on the ride, and the TikTok illustrates how things changed.

A viral TikTok video showed a Magic Kingdom restaurant flooding as guests continued to dine there. Back in March, Hollywood Studios basically became a waterpark due to Florida's heavy rainfall as well. In Orlando, Florida, rainfall has increased by almost 30% since the late 50s.