Blake Shelton Goes Full Horror Film In Welcoming Camila Cabello To Season 22 of Let The Trolling Begin

Blake Shelton Goes Full Horror Film In Welcoming Camila Cabello To Season 22 of Let The Trolling Beg ...

Blake Shelton's methods may be different, but his habits will never be the same. The country singer is returning for his 22nd season on The Voice, and it appears like his need to bully his fellow coaches is returning. With his over-the-top (and high-key threatening) welcome of new Voice coach Camila Cabello, NBC has released a trailer.

Blake Shelton has developed a reputation for causing trouble for his peers on The Voice. Adam Levine lasted the Maroon 5's time on the program, as they fought over concert ticket sales and non-invites to Shelton's nuptials with Gwen Stefani. Fans loved the Gods Country singers' feud with Kelly Clarkson, and now Shelton is on the lookout for his next victim.

Camila Cabello, a first-year coach on the set, was greeted with a slew of balloons, flowers, and presents (that Hope Youre Havana Great Season organizer is on my wish list), but there was also a "threatening" message, however, that read, You are going to lose so badly! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! as Blake Shelton grabs the worlds largest scissors, and John Legend writes, "You should never have come back."

Carson Daly played the hero in the teaser, presenting a cut-up version of Heart Throb magazine and requesting Blake Shelton to, please, stop crafting in my dressing room?

Gwen Stefani's apparent complicity in her husbands stalking was not revealed. For one, she did not receive a threatening note cut from letters from Heart Throb magazine, and Im not buying the feigned innocence of not knowing who would do such a thing. If I were Camila Cabello or John Legend, Id keep an eye on this duo.

Gwen Stefani said it's surreal to be back on The Voice now that she and Blake Shelton have been married. Fans got a front-row seat to the beginning of their relationship during the five previous seasons that the No Doubt singer was on.

The Voice Season 22 premiere will take place on Monday, September 19, on NBC. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what other premieres are scheduled.